Friday, September 16, 2011

A Time to Dream and Renovate Our Home

I'm home. I attended a seminar for entrepreneurs and for those who wanted to be a "young entrepreneur". Next month I will start a new of business and I am asking God for His blessings. We have to grab any opportunities today. It's been my 4th week in my job and I can say I am very much occupied in this job that I couldn't help my family doing the house chores- even in weekends.

 I want to have a business that could save most of my time. I would love to stay at home and bond with my family. I would love to help dad in working our clogged sinks. We used to have an uncovered kitchen sinks so we often encounter kitchen clogging. I want to renovate our house and put up stainless steel sink in our kitchen so that we will not experience the same problem again. The stainless steel sinks looks better and presentable. When you invite some guests to join you in a dinner, you will not hesitate to show your guest your kitchen.LOL. It is stainless so you won't worry of the stain and depreciating its beauty. It has greater quality and its design can't stress you out in cleaning kitchen sinks.

Someday all my dreams will come true- not to have a big mansion but to have a well-designed house for my family. God will pour out opportunities to those who wants to receive it. His abundant blessings- overflowing.

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