Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Logo: Happy 13th B-day Google

Hey guys try to checkout Mr Google today. He just celebrated his 13th B-day.
Good thing that we are all invited to join him in this prestigious event.LOL.

Well it is been a long time since Mr. Google had contributed its excellent services. So here I am, dealing with great task, blogging and constructing a great buzz about Mr. Google's special day. Google is really helping people. They contributed to the student's lives- provided that Google gives an easier search. It is also a great help for us because it helps in boosting-up my blogging career. He made my blog visible to the World Wide Web... contributes more in driving more traffic and visitors in my blog. That is why, Mr. Google deserves a treat.

Once again, Happy 13th Birthday Google. It is Google's Anniversary! Let's celebrate. Yooohoo!
Google's 13th Birthday

Keep going everyone and God bless you. Thanks for visiting and staying for a while in my blog.

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