Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Desiring for a Quite Spirit and a Peaceful Mind

Black symbolizes elegance while the white symbolizes peace and quietness. The man's heart has a void and longing for a place where they can be quite and calm.

The pain is still there. It's been so hard for us to accept the fact that my grandmother is gone. She passed away last week and it is still hard for us to accept that we can't see my grandma and she's not with us anymore.
A dream for a clean, well-lighted place

How I wish that I could just transform our house into a quite and all white place. I will put up a small white coffee table where we can bond together with my family. In this set up we can have a quite mind and a quite spirit. The New England painted furniture could be a perfect place to find white furniture especially the Newport Coffee Table. Painted in white with a satin finish and slatted magazine shelf below, you can surely assure it's good quality. This furniture could be so perfect for relaxation and family bonding.

When I look at the sky, I realize that she's happy now in heaven- where there's no more suffering and no more pain. She left us with good memories. Our family are desiring to be still, peaceful and joyful. By the grace of God, we started to accept that grandma is now joyful and  now re-united with the Lord.

Keep going everyone and may have a happy weekend.

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