Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Go Fit: Different Sports Fitness Activities

Hi friends, how's your week? Well, it's been a  long and boring week for me. Another week had passed and it is weekend again- (sigh) another week had slipped away. 

I am facing with daily routine everyday- teaching. During weekdays, I spend all of my time at school- teaching and doing paper works. I was bombarded doing test papers because their periodic exam is coming. So, before bogged down, I have to unwind myself.

Sports and fitness would be a great idea to do this weekend. It's really great to exercise and make yourself fit- physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually. I also love to try doing Water sports. Since I don't know how to swim, it is better to equip myself with different gadget for swimming like blueseventy Hydra Vision 17 GogglesAdrenalin 1mm Neoprene Surf Sox, Engine Silicon Large Logo Cap Bright Purple and any accessories intended for water sports. Doing water sports are great- you are not just exercising to fit but also you are enjoying the refreshment of the cool water in the pool or is beach. I hope I can find a company to join me in doing these activities. I also wish that time and circumstances allow me to do these things.

Have fun doing water sports this weekend. Here are some fun water sports activity to do this weekend-  surfing, windsurfing, swimming, sailing, scuba, paddling, kiting and all water activities

I wish I could do all this water sports this weekend. LOL.

Enjoy your weekend. Keep going and God bless. AJA!

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Henry said...

Water sports is cool and very relaxing I wish I can do that too.


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