Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wishing for a Cowboy Look Pictorials

Hello friends, I just can’t help but to start loving photo shoot and pictorials. Last weekend we had a great weekend full of celebrations. We had fun doing the pictorial session. We love posing in front of the camera.
Some of the terrible pose we had is the "stolen shot". We are wishing that we could have a great pictorial posing with style and fashion.

If there is a chance, I wish we could shoot a cowboy pose to end up those traditional "barbie doll" pose for woman. To add up to the outfit, try to checkout Dan Post today and try to check out different kinds of Dan Post boots today. If you want to have perfect cowboy look, don't miss the Dan boots as part of your accessories and outfits. The boots could not just a part of the pictorial. You could wear these boots in your working place. Maybe in a farm, factory or in a plant.So I hope someday I could wear those cowboy hats, a long leather jacket, cowboy's favor jeans, plus a wide leather belts with large metal buckles. You can add-up as many accessories as you become a well-groomed cowboys waiting for camera to flash.

Enjoy everything that you do.  Don't forget, there are a lot of ways to make your week enjoyable and unforgettable.

God bless. Keep going everyone.

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