Saturday, July 16, 2011

Every Occasion Counts: Worthy to be Remembered

"I can't wait for your birthday, but wait what is the date today? Oh no! I missed your birthday". This could be the funniest line which you think is impossible to happen, but there are many who are doing it.
Real moments should not be forgotten. Good thing because there's an easy way to remember and send gifts in special events and occasions, even if you send it any time in the future. You have to checkout and login to 7P Gift Services. It is the newest way to timely gifts. This is the perfect site for the forgetful people, who have a busy lifestyle, travels from home or any other serious cases where you almost forgot the most special day for your loved ones.
Great memories are always captured and treasured forever. And the best way to remember special events is to hide it inside our hearts.

Today, I just finished uploading our happy and enjoyable "birthday kid party" for my grandmother. It is an awesome party which I'm glad I did not miss. I am really joyful that my grandmother reached 75, despite those illnesses she had. That is why, every day, every time and every special occasion counts- you don't know... that is the only chance you have. So, remember and celebrate it to fullest.

Enjoy your week everyone. God bless.

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