Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's the Good thing about Beach Surfing?

My weekend is almost over and the start of classes is here. It is time to say hello to the long weekdays of classes. I just hope that I could redeem all those time for resting and relaxation. I really love to find time to relax and enjoy my weekend before the start of my whole "stressful week".

I am really hoping that tomorrow-Monday- will be a holiday. I worked as a teacher and holiday for us is somewhat an opportunity to rest in making paper works and get rid of those silly and childish students.

If I will be given a chance to go to an adventure, I would choose to go beach hopping and escapade. If we have the same dream, well, you better start collecting your beach and surfing garments. Right now you can easily access to any interesting surf shop through internet. Now, you don't need to go the mall to explore different accessories, outfits and garments for surfing- you can have it all by just one click away. The ca surf shop will the best and perfect place for you. They offer different surfing garments, products and accessories. Checkout some of the best surfing board, board shorts, watches, Go Pro Surf Hero camera, slip on, etc.

Beach hopping and surfing are some of the wonderful activities to do. It is not boring. In fact, this is our perfect chance to observe and admire God's beautiful creations- from the sunset, sunrise, the waves and the horizon between the sea breeze and the blue sky. It is s wonderful to make use of the time appreciating and thanking God for what He has done. Everything that we see is created by God and He deserves our praise and thanksgiving.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Let's think positive and start the weekend right. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What are the Profitable Activities I can Do?

Happy weekend everyone. It’s weekend again. How I wish I could make use of my time wisely. Well speaking of using the time wisely, it is good to start great activities that can help you profit at the same time you are enjoying what you are doing. I am planning to enter into profitable activities. Aside from my job, I have been looking for a profitable activity that is enjoyable and fun- at the same time you are earning. These activities involve “sales networking” and painting workshops.

I joined a group in Facebook. It is about the society of the talented painters in our school. They are inviting me to join. I really love to join- this is my time to enhance my skills in arts. I just can’t wait to have my own exhibit of my artwork. I just can’t help but think that I am already walking at the trade show carpet. I consider it as great opportunity for me to participate in an exhibit or trade show. It is not that hard to set up an exhibit. Well, you can find great trade show flooring as easy as possible. Today you can browse anything in the internet- even personalized logo mats for your trade show. You can set-up logo canopy tents to exhibit for my artwork.

We can also make use of these products to promote “Nature’s way” natural herbal products from the sales networking business we joined lately. I pray that this business will be blessed by God.

You can earn a profit in everything you do as long as you put all your effort and you do your best. Well nothing is impossible when you believe in your dream and to the Granter of your dream- our God. Keep going and God bless everyone. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Geek Alerts: Stay Fit, Be Healthy, Save More

Hi friends, I really enjoyed browsing the internet lately. Well, I enjoyed reading Geekalerts site. It has unique blog posts and the latest updates about cute stuff and unique Geeky Gadgets. Everything you want to know about the latest stuff, health gadgets and cute gadgets are already here.
I always share some of my favorites stuff here in Geekalerts site. Some of these are the following:

Chillow Pillow

Allow your tired body to relax. You can use it to relieve your muscle pain- it is an ordinary pillow to a curing pillow.  It has a cool memory foam core so it will keep on working and doze off in complete comfort.

This is my favorite. 

Dinosaur Party Ice Cube Tray / Jello Mold

A fossilized ice. You can have your cold drinks with this molded ice.


Here's the cute one...


Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill.

Make your dogs fit all the time- provide them the healthy and fit lifestyle too.

 Speaking of healthy lifestyle. Always remember that health is wealth. Just as you love your dog and provide them with treadmill, don't forget to secure your health and fitness first. Avail Nutrisystem discount codes today. If you want to be fit, healthy and want to loose your weight in the finest and in a "saver's price", well you better start browsing the internet today and avail their latest promo codes and coupons. You can find a lot if Weight Watchers coupons in this website. You can save a lot of discounts and a lot of good diet info. Save more, get fit and stay healthy. Enjoy browsing Geekalerts today.

Keep going and I hope you enjoyed my post for today. God bless.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google Logo: Gregor Medel's 189th Brithday

Checkout this cute Google logo. Today is Gregor Medel's 189th Birthday. I really enjoyed the design and the color of the peas. I hope you like it too. It really fits to my theme "My Foliage Diary"- all in green. If you wonder why they use peas in designing the logo will checkout Mr. Wiki today to answer your question:

Enjoy the day and keep going. God bless always.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot

Wow, I really enjoyed reading the "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot. I already finished reading two chapters and I am already hooked-up in this book. The book tells us that we should bring our love life under the authority of Jesus Christ. It simply tells us that we should handle love with purity. To inline our decisions in choosing the person we love to Jesus.

I hope you will learn a lot from this book. Enjoy reading and God bless.

Every Occasion Counts: Worthy to be Remembered

"I can't wait for your birthday, but wait what is the date today? Oh no! I missed your birthday". This could be the funniest line which you think is impossible to happen, but there are many who are doing it.
Real moments should not be forgotten. Good thing because there's an easy way to remember and send gifts in special events and occasions, even if you send it any time in the future. You have to checkout and login to 7P Gift Services. It is the newest way to timely gifts. This is the perfect site for the forgetful people, who have a busy lifestyle, travels from home or any other serious cases where you almost forgot the most special day for your loved ones.
Great memories are always captured and treasured forever. And the best way to remember special events is to hide it inside our hearts.

Today, I just finished uploading our happy and enjoyable "birthday kid party" for my grandmother. It is an awesome party which I'm glad I did not miss. I am really joyful that my grandmother reached 75, despite those illnesses she had. That is why, every day, every time and every special occasion counts- you don't know... that is the only chance you have. So, remember and celebrate it to fullest.

Enjoy your week everyone. God bless.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Are You a Tech Lover? Online Bidding and Auction Awaits You

 Well if you are a tech lover, probably you will love this post.
When we say technology it is inline with the latest trends that the teens as well as the youth are hooked-up. That is why there are many sites that offer auction sales and biddings to attract their customers. One of those is my cousin.

My cousin just won a free mobile load and a mobile phone in an online auction. Well, I don’t know how he did it, but he is really blessed to win many prizes for a lowest price. Right now, he's been addicted to online bidding in the internet.  It is really cool because a lot of Cool Gadgets that are available for bidding. An active bidder can win greatest prices.

Online auction is trending today. That is why Cool Gadgets can be yours if you will be the last bidder. There are man discounts you can experience online. Even the Office Depot coupon code can save you from paying a great amount of shopping bills. Checkout there websites today and shop and save as much as you want.

If you’re not in love in the techno-gadgets, I’m sure you will still be interested because you can have the Musicians Friend coupon. You can have greater discounts and great deals to if you avail the latest coupon and promo deals.

Well, I have to sleep now. See you tomorrow for another bidding and auction deals. Keep going and God bless you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Next to Pain is Gain

Are you dealing with chronic pain?

I am not feeling well in doing my school work and task today. I have a lot of things to be done. I have a lot of pending paper works to do. I just wish that I could just lie down in my bed tonight- leaving everything undone (I wish I could).

Right now I am suffering some chronic pains- particularly at my back. I could hardly sit still because of my back. Right now I am sitting in front of our personal computer- doing so much of the school requirements. Last night I finished some of the requirements at dawn. My body feels so weary. I wish I could have one day to rest and unwind for a while but I have to get going. So I start doing my task even if it is so tiring. Well then, in a situation like this you have to checkout - Fast Overnight Shipping. Many people with chronic pain, back pains and any types of pain choose to buy Tramadol for body pain treatments. Tramadol is a generic pain reliever that well-known by many because of its effective in easing back discomfort.
Well, we teachers should find ways to get going and make my paper works done. So if you want to end up your uneasiness and discomfort, you better checkout - Lowest Prices on Internet. It is now wasy and convenient to surf and explore possible solutions for your stressful days in work. The - Buy Tramadol Online site can help you inquire online. So the next time you are suffering with any types of body pains, Tramadol is now already one-click away. All you have to do is to drop at your PC and inquire and purchase it online.

Well I hope that all things will be done. Too much paper works- like preparing test papers and checking quizzes and projects can really consume the teacher’s strength. Teaching requires a lot f strength and endurance. You have to be patient in everything you do- even handling the craziest student on earth- you have to endure it till the end. Great because whenever you face body pain, medicine can refuel you and help you get going. So relax and take it easy. Enjoy thr day and be still. And one thing is for sure, if there is pain… there is gain.

Keep in touch always and keep going. God bless.


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