Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Suffer in Addiction When You can have a Complete Freedom?

Youth drug addiction, how it hooked up to teens and youths, is really devastating. Many youth today are prone to "partying" and bar hopping and worse they cannot get rid of addiction. Worse things, many of them are engaged in drugs and addiction that totally ruins their lives. Many youth, not just an ordinary youth, but also Hollywood celebrities are diagnosed in drug addiction. I just feel so sad when I heard that my favorite Disney actress was addicted in drug and was gone to undergo some drug rehab treatment.

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction has a great impact in our personal life- mostly you will end up shattered. This kind of addiction affects your way of thinking and reacting. It alters your emotions. It brings you "wow" feeling, but later on "little by little" it will destroy you- it consume and takes over your mind, feeling and emotions. The more you depend on it, and more you cling on it, the more it leaves you totally "empty". It affects in your work, it destroys family (between parents and children), it affects relationships or worse you will end up insane.

The fact that these addictions alarming to the youth and to the society, let's take a step in promoting ways in Addiction Treatment. There are many sites available online like Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Center that helps people who are definitely lost and addicted. Give your loved ones a hope and chance to live. It is a simply way of campaigning to help reconcile the lost and give them a complete freedom- freedom of the mind, emotion and spiritual.

Though we stumbled, we fall, but many times we are rescued by our Heavenly Father. Right now, if you have a friend, siblings, and children who are completely lost in addiction... Send them in rehab and don't forget to intercede in prayers- because God is able to make them stand once again.

Love like Jesus does. Keep going and God bless.

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