Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Two Words, I Do

Wow, what a great day. I just attended a friend and a neighbors wedding. Well really feel so glad every time I see a happy bride. Well, I've been wishing for it too- to be a beautiful and happy bride someday... by God's grace and by God's will.

The wedding reception was really great. I love the Bride because she really looks like a princess in her wedding dress as well as the groom- he is really charming and grooming. But always remember that wedding day is not about wedding gowns, colorful bouquet of flowers, but it is about commitment and decision. It is about agreeing with the will of God that you will become one and you keep each other's vows until the end. There are two words in a wedding, "I Do"- means commitment and respecting each other's vows.

Here I just feel to post this video here. It is wonderful wedding song. Those who want to get married, here check it out.

Enjoy and keep going.

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