Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trending Fashion and Lifestyle: Do we Fit?

I am currently looking for a job right now. Definitely, now a day, I agree that looking for a job is really a hard thing to do. I am still searching for the perfect job that will make me feel “I’m not working”- finding the right job that you love and you will not feel like you are working. Sorting out all the jobs that I will possibly love, the first on my list are the jobs that involve “creativity”. These involves, fashion, designing, graphic artist and everything that goes beyond your imagination.

In the society that we live in, things go changing and evolving. Our lifestyle had completely transformed. Recently, I just read about an article about “metrosexual” and it shocks me- even the real and handsome men (not a gay) are trying to look sensual and pretty. Men are more fashionable, we expect them to have a tough and rough looks, but now many would try to have pretty face and smooth complexion, cute eyebrows and fashionable garments. Duh, I’m not used to this kind of thing- fashion week, trendy bags, cute makeup, new hairstyle, smooth complexion- but I think we can dive into this kind of thing by just clicking some of the helpful source or sites like the fashion blog. Well definitely it helps you to update and know some of the trendy stuff and fashionable looks in our era.

I also had a great time browsing a model agency site. Well, I’m just thinking if I can apply as a model-since I don’t have job right now. Surely, I will be overqualified because I’m pretty much taller than the models.LOL. (Well unfortunately I don’t have the height). I tell you, their models are really cool. As I said, I want to work with much creativity so I’ll be working on the backstage- creating and designing- and not much on the ramp modeling.

For the jobs who involve more on graphic designing, arts, photographs, fine arts, checkout giclee prints today- surely you will love this site.

So far, I am really looking for the place where I really fit in- the job that I love. It is good to know about these things and have a good sense of fashion and lifestyle. It is a way of self-expression, but do not mimic and be fake and always remember... be yourself. In fact, what will last and will never depreciate are the “inner beauty”.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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