Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sun Protection Gear for the Summer Hotness

I can't stand the rays of the sun. It's really hot. My favorite part of the season is the summer season, but why do I keep on hiding in my shell? It's already end of the summer, but still I haven't fulfill the things I want to do for the summer. This season, I'm expecting to have a summer youth camp, vacation to my grandma, beach hopping, outreach programs, retreat in our church or any fulfilling activities. All of these are my expectations and somewhat a plan, but all of this didn't happen (*sigh). I was stock here in the house doing computer stuff. All I wish is to enjoy and explore the summer season. I just wish that I can fulfill at least one of those plans before the summer ends.

To be completely active one must not procrastinate. One of the reasons why people hesitate to do things they want to do is because of the climate. The earth reaches its hottest temperature- and it's alarming. Our active lifestyle are somewhat affected by the changing environment and it is possible to pursue this lifestyle through some preventions gears.

Technology harms us at the same time it prevents. Now a day, we are prone to technology like computers and cellular phones. Most of our times are consumed in these stuffs and our eyes are prone to radiation. That is why our eyes cannot resist the rays of the sun. It is advisable if we are equipped with protective gears like the Oakley Sunglasses that will surely fit our active lifestyle. In doing beach hopping, going out the house and doing some fun outdoor activities bring along with you some protective sunglasses. For me, sunglasses are very important before going out the house. I've been using our computer almost everyday- I think almost eight hours everyday. It is one of the important things to consider especially in this type of season- protecting our eyes. It is also advisable to purchase your own "anti-radiation" sun glasses to be safe.

Always remember, before leaving the house, bring along with you some "sun guard" or sun protection gear like (it should always be present in your bag or pouch) sunglasses, umbrella/ hat (to protect you from sunburn), sun visor, sun block lotion (skin cancer prevention), water (you will be very thirsty indeed and to prevent from dehydration, etc. All that we need are complete. So let's keep going.

We don't need to procrastinate every time we plan something. Do not think about hindrances, but think of how to prevent it and overcome those hinders us. Keep going everyone and God bless always.

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