Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Why Adults Needs to Guide Children in Playing Computer Games?

My childhood days are one of the wonderful memories that I would love to treasure forever.
Every time I see my younger sister playing computer games in my uncle’s internet cafĂ©, I feel really sad. It is unfortunate for her because she did not experience a real childhood games. Many childhood games that are really interesting like playing hide-seek, Chinese garter, pick-up sticks, playing marbles, “yoyo,” etc. These are the old and classic childhood games that will surely develop the child’s different skills.

In this modern day, I feel sad about the little children playing computer games like “K.O.S”, DOTA, “Counter Strike,” etc. These are harsh video games that will trigger the child’s aggressiveness and injects violence to the mind of the child. Parents, there are some video games like the site SkillGamesHQ.com. It would involve the child in skill game through online game and yet it won’t harm your children’s morals and mind. You cannot hinder the child to explore technology, especially on computers, but you have to be careful and attentive on what they are exploring or playing. Computer games are some of the recreational activities of the kids, but always set limitations on what type of game it will play. Like me, I used to play the classic video game “Super Mario” before. It is fun to play, but it won’t harm us.


Guidance from the parents is important. Playing is important in the development of the child but do not allow your children to be addicted to games. Always, in every game that they play insert moral values and help them build up a good character.

Keep going everyone and God bless.


wow gold said...

I agree with you. Parents should always monitor their child's activities so they know if their child is learning or the way around. Actually, I've watched lots of videos on youtube which caters video game addiction. It is actually very alarming to know since child should learn new more additional knowledge through games not to learn violence.

M Zaib said...

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