Monday, May 02, 2011

Creating Best Quality Prints for an Acoustic Night

I am so glad that I find some useful activities that will build up me spiritual. Actually we started practicing for our church "Acoustic Night" of worship. This reminds me that God is our first is priority and everything follows. Well, I really find joy in doing my ministry and calling to serve God. Instead of doing nothing and stock -up or do bar hopping, why not try doing activities that will help you grow spiritually in serving the Lord.

This is our last week of preparation for our "Acoustic Night" and we are so excited on what God is going to do. It is also the time to practice more. How I wish we could create brochures and do brochure printing about the upcoming activities.The invitation is already set. We invite people as many as possible. I was so blessed because I was able to make the design for the invitation. Surely, I made the best that I could do because this is my simple way in glorifying God of what I am doing. I made it the night before we distributed the invitation, but I am sure that God really helped me in designing it. Our printer is not in good quality so the next time, we will be praying for a good quality printing just like the full color glossy brochure and invitation prints I've seen in the internet. It really helps in making a good quality output in printing.

Now we continually pray that many will come in our invitation and flyers we gave. I believe that God can open their hearts and they will come.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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