Sunday, May 22, 2011

Job Hunt

I think the whole picture says it all. I don't have to write a thousand words to utter and to post what I want to blog about. Well then, I don't have to talk that much about it, but I will be talkative in my prayers to God- praying for an open door (the right door). God bless everyone, so, maybe I will be busy this coming week.
God bless and have a great week. Keep going.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stinky Sinks?

Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! Again?

Cleaning and doing the house chores is my daily task or routine. While waiting for the perfect opportunity where I can find the right job, well, cleaning the house is quite enjoyable- even if you are doing it everyday. My favorite part is washing the dishes.

It is really fine and okay for me even if I wash all the dishes every meal especially if we renovate our home sink with Undermount Kitchen Sink. Our sink is made up of tiles and cleaning seems to be tough and hard in cleaning those stinky and dirty sinks. I used to clean Undermount Kitchen Sinks in a friend's house and cleaning there sinks is as easy as counting 1,2,3.LOL.

May you enjoy doing your house chores and have a great weekend everyone.

God bless.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trending Fashion and Lifestyle: Do we Fit?

I am currently looking for a job right now. Definitely, now a day, I agree that looking for a job is really a hard thing to do. I am still searching for the perfect job that will make me feel “I’m not working”- finding the right job that you love and you will not feel like you are working. Sorting out all the jobs that I will possibly love, the first on my list are the jobs that involve “creativity”. These involves, fashion, designing, graphic artist and everything that goes beyond your imagination.

In the society that we live in, things go changing and evolving. Our lifestyle had completely transformed. Recently, I just read about an article about “metrosexual” and it shocks me- even the real and handsome men (not a gay) are trying to look sensual and pretty. Men are more fashionable, we expect them to have a tough and rough looks, but now many would try to have pretty face and smooth complexion, cute eyebrows and fashionable garments. Duh, I’m not used to this kind of thing- fashion week, trendy bags, cute makeup, new hairstyle, smooth complexion- but I think we can dive into this kind of thing by just clicking some of the helpful source or sites like the fashion blog. Well definitely it helps you to update and know some of the trendy stuff and fashionable looks in our era.

I also had a great time browsing a model agency site. Well, I’m just thinking if I can apply as a model-since I don’t have job right now. Surely, I will be overqualified because I’m pretty much taller than the models.LOL. (Well unfortunately I don’t have the height). I tell you, their models are really cool. As I said, I want to work with much creativity so I’ll be working on the backstage- creating and designing- and not much on the ramp modeling.

For the jobs who involve more on graphic designing, arts, photographs, fine arts, checkout giclee prints today- surely you will love this site.

So far, I am really looking for the place where I really fit in- the job that I love. It is good to know about these things and have a good sense of fashion and lifestyle. It is a way of self-expression, but do not mimic and be fake and always remember... be yourself. In fact, what will last and will never depreciate are the “inner beauty”.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Suffer in Addiction When You can have a Complete Freedom?

Youth drug addiction, how it hooked up to teens and youths, is really devastating. Many youth today are prone to "partying" and bar hopping and worse they cannot get rid of addiction. Worse things, many of them are engaged in drugs and addiction that totally ruins their lives. Many youth, not just an ordinary youth, but also Hollywood celebrities are diagnosed in drug addiction. I just feel so sad when I heard that my favorite Disney actress was addicted in drug and was gone to undergo some drug rehab treatment.

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction has a great impact in our personal life- mostly you will end up shattered. This kind of addiction affects your way of thinking and reacting. It alters your emotions. It brings you "wow" feeling, but later on "little by little" it will destroy you- it consume and takes over your mind, feeling and emotions. The more you depend on it, and more you cling on it, the more it leaves you totally "empty". It affects in your work, it destroys family (between parents and children), it affects relationships or worse you will end up insane.

The fact that these addictions alarming to the youth and to the society, let's take a step in promoting ways in Addiction Treatment. There are many sites available online like Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Center that helps people who are definitely lost and addicted. Give your loved ones a hope and chance to live. It is a simply way of campaigning to help reconcile the lost and give them a complete freedom- freedom of the mind, emotion and spiritual.

Though we stumbled, we fall, but many times we are rescued by our Heavenly Father. Right now, if you have a friend, siblings, and children who are completely lost in addiction... Send them in rehab and don't forget to intercede in prayers- because God is able to make them stand once again.

Love like Jesus does. Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sun Protection Gear for the Summer Hotness

I can't stand the rays of the sun. It's really hot. My favorite part of the season is the summer season, but why do I keep on hiding in my shell? It's already end of the summer, but still I haven't fulfill the things I want to do for the summer. This season, I'm expecting to have a summer youth camp, vacation to my grandma, beach hopping, outreach programs, retreat in our church or any fulfilling activities. All of these are my expectations and somewhat a plan, but all of this didn't happen (*sigh). I was stock here in the house doing computer stuff. All I wish is to enjoy and explore the summer season. I just wish that I can fulfill at least one of those plans before the summer ends.

To be completely active one must not procrastinate. One of the reasons why people hesitate to do things they want to do is because of the climate. The earth reaches its hottest temperature- and it's alarming. Our active lifestyle are somewhat affected by the changing environment and it is possible to pursue this lifestyle through some preventions gears.

Technology harms us at the same time it prevents. Now a day, we are prone to technology like computers and cellular phones. Most of our times are consumed in these stuffs and our eyes are prone to radiation. That is why our eyes cannot resist the rays of the sun. It is advisable if we are equipped with protective gears like the Oakley Sunglasses that will surely fit our active lifestyle. In doing beach hopping, going out the house and doing some fun outdoor activities bring along with you some protective sunglasses. For me, sunglasses are very important before going out the house. I've been using our computer almost everyday- I think almost eight hours everyday. It is one of the important things to consider especially in this type of season- protecting our eyes. It is also advisable to purchase your own "anti-radiation" sun glasses to be safe.

Always remember, before leaving the house, bring along with you some "sun guard" or sun protection gear like (it should always be present in your bag or pouch) sunglasses, umbrella/ hat (to protect you from sunburn), sun visor, sun block lotion (skin cancer prevention), water (you will be very thirsty indeed and to prevent from dehydration, etc. All that we need are complete. So let's keep going.

We don't need to procrastinate every time we plan something. Do not think about hindrances, but think of how to prevent it and overcome those hinders us. Keep going everyone and God bless always.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photography 101: Flower Ballerina

Hey guys, checkout this photograph. It's a pretty ballerina captured with a tulip flower. I find this picture somewhere- I think it's a blog (sorry I haven't include the source cause I lost the link). 
Somehow, it is really worthy to post. I really admire the one who captured this creative and wonderful moment. the idea was perfect and one of a kind. Two thumbs up to the artist.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Wallpapers: Love, Love, Love

If you are looking for love right now. You better stop looking to your left, right, back front... you can't even find it in within and beyond the horizon of your eyes. Sit still... and feel the heart beat of your heart... there you will hear Jesus love- loud, proud, full, abundant and never failing. When you know the significant of the "shedding of His blood" then, you will know how much you've been love by His unconditional love. His love is priceless and genuine. When you have His love... surely you will lack nothing.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.    

Great Wallpapers: Name Above all Names

There are many names in this world. Many names reign but years pass by it fades away but there is only one NAME that never fade, never pass away, never dies and it continually reigns... forever.

The name of JESUS... the name above every name.

Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Hebrews 13:8

Helpful Tips and Steps to Be a Duly Licensed Professional

By just looking at this photograph, I can still remember the hours, days and months I spent in studying to get my teacher's license. Until now, I am still waiting the result of the exam I took last April 3. It is really a long time of waiting, but I have greater faith in God. I did my best- with God's help- in reviewing until the day of the exam. I believe, in my heart that I'm going to pass the exam- by God's grace.

Most of us dreamed to enhance their profession and wish to reach for more of their self-actualization. Many who wished to further their professional development. To be a licensed professional, we have to strive hard in studying and reviewing. Consider taking the social work exam. It is every helpful to try the best resources to practice you comprehensive and intellectual skills. Before, I used to answer online questionnaires and reviewer, but most of the answers are not reliable- so I stopped. When you are 100% sure that the site offer reliable study guides- like ASWB study guides- don't just stop, but persevere. There are many keys to pass the Social Licensing Exam and other professional license exams, but you have to make sure you got the right keys. Always the reliability of material by checking testimonials and feedback and read forums about it.

Well this is post is somewhat a relief to lessen my excitement and quite nervousness in waiting for my test results. They say: "you will reap what you sow" that is why start sowing hard-work today and reap success tomorrow. So do your best, and God will do the rest.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Need for a Perfect Hair Treatment?

Wow, I feel so relax and delighted with my new hairstyle. My hair is now manageable and smooth. I just had my "hair re-bond" in the salon lately and it took them eight hours to finish the job. Well, I think it is somewhat worth it, looking at the result, as it took long hours to make the job well-done. It took me painful hours to have a smooth and perfect result (you know enduring all the hotness of the flat iron).

I suggest, to save all our time or spend a little time of pain, I had better own a good quality flat iron. To have a good quality of flat iron really matters. There are some cheap and low quality iron that will not work at all. I can save bucks when I have a complete gadget in doing self-makeover- no need to go to salon this time and definitely I can find best quality flat irons online. Check it out in the net and see for your self.

To add up to your collection, checkout the best curling irons to give you a renewable look in every occasion. Just in case you have a wet hair, complete your hair treatment paraphernalia with the new best hair dryers.

Before, I used to have all those shaggy and unmanageable hair, but I think with all the technology that we have now, we could achieve the perfect and manageable hair any time and anywhere.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Two Words, I Do

Wow, what a great day. I just attended a friend and a neighbors wedding. Well really feel so glad every time I see a happy bride. Well, I've been wishing for it too- to be a beautiful and happy bride someday... by God's grace and by God's will.

The wedding reception was really great. I love the Bride because she really looks like a princess in her wedding dress as well as the groom- he is really charming and grooming. But always remember that wedding day is not about wedding gowns, colorful bouquet of flowers, but it is about commitment and decision. It is about agreeing with the will of God that you will become one and you keep each other's vows until the end. There are two words in a wedding, "I Do"- means commitment and respecting each other's vows.

Here I just feel to post this video here. It is wonderful wedding song. Those who want to get married, here check it out.

Enjoy and keep going.

Why Adults Needs to Guide Children in Playing Computer Games?

My childhood days are one of the wonderful memories that I would love to treasure forever.
Every time I see my younger sister playing computer games in my uncle’s internet cafĂ©, I feel really sad. It is unfortunate for her because she did not experience a real childhood games. Many childhood games that are really interesting like playing hide-seek, Chinese garter, pick-up sticks, playing marbles, “yoyo,” etc. These are the old and classic childhood games that will surely develop the child’s different skills.

In this modern day, I feel sad about the little children playing computer games like “K.O.S”, DOTA, “Counter Strike,” etc. These are harsh video games that will trigger the child’s aggressiveness and injects violence to the mind of the child. Parents, there are some video games like the site It would involve the child in skill game through online game and yet it won’t harm your children’s morals and mind. You cannot hinder the child to explore technology, especially on computers, but you have to be careful and attentive on what they are exploring or playing. Computer games are some of the recreational activities of the kids, but always set limitations on what type of game it will play. Like me, I used to play the classic video game “Super Mario” before. It is fun to play, but it won’t harm us.


Guidance from the parents is important. Playing is important in the development of the child but do not allow your children to be addicted to games. Always, in every game that they play insert moral values and help them build up a good character.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Creating Best Quality Prints for an Acoustic Night

I am so glad that I find some useful activities that will build up me spiritual. Actually we started practicing for our church "Acoustic Night" of worship. This reminds me that God is our first is priority and everything follows. Well, I really find joy in doing my ministry and calling to serve God. Instead of doing nothing and stock -up or do bar hopping, why not try doing activities that will help you grow spiritually in serving the Lord.

This is our last week of preparation for our "Acoustic Night" and we are so excited on what God is going to do. It is also the time to practice more. How I wish we could create brochures and do brochure printing about the upcoming activities.The invitation is already set. We invite people as many as possible. I was so blessed because I was able to make the design for the invitation. Surely, I made the best that I could do because this is my simple way in glorifying God of what I am doing. I made it the night before we distributed the invitation, but I am sure that God really helped me in designing it. Our printer is not in good quality so the next time, we will be praying for a good quality printing just like the full color glossy brochure and invitation prints I've seen in the internet. It really helps in making a good quality output in printing.

Now we continually pray that many will come in our invitation and flyers we gave. I believe that God can open their hearts and they will come.

Keep going everyone and God bless.


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