Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Which is which, Eye Contacts or Eye Glasses?

Poor vision? Which is which, eye contacts or eye glasses?
Why suffer from sore "eye contacts" when you can have fashionable glasses. That's my question every time I saw people suffering from sore and having an uncomfortable feeling every time they wear their contact lens.

My cousins are fun of purchasing different styles, colors and contact lens. They say it is really trendy and fashionable. I said, OK. You know that there are harmful effects in using contact lens, once it stayed in your eyes for too long (max of 8 hours), you are in trouble (usually irritation). You have to bring along with you "solution" (for contacts) so that it won't go itchy.

Yes, it is prescribed by doctor, but it requires "extra" care in using contacts. Why suffer in dilemma when you can actually have plenty of prescription eye glasses in the internet where you can surf different styles and colors- depending on your fashion style. It is trendy at the same time you look "smarty". Using glasses now a day is not classical and "old fashioned" in fact, you can always try different glassed in different dresses and occasions. At this point, there is a 101% safety when you use your glasses.

Hey guys, maybe you're concluding now that I'm against in using contact lenses- no, I'm not. It is just I'm blogging this to you to give you reminder be careful and giving you stylish views about using glasses.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Colleen said...

Those are my kind of glasses. They look almost not there.

Anonymous said...

I have long been a fan of ordering prescription eyeglasses online. And my favorite store is GlassesShop.com.


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