Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Salutation for the Nursing and Medical Personnel Graduates

Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. It is a beginning of the new dreams and it is the time to go out there and do something remarkable. God bless to the “Graduates of 2011”.

Education is an admirable thing. One must be passionate of what he is learning. I really admire professions like the medical personnel- doctors, nurses and care givers. This is the profession that will be on last in my list. This is one of the remarkable jobs and yet, for me, this is the hardest thing to do. To the graduates in medical courses, I salute you all.

This is the start of the new beginning. From this day on, prepare for the best nursing uniforms and welcome to the real world. There are many sick people that await you. There people that needs care and cure. As you take a pledge, “today, as I wear my nursing uniform, I will do my best and do something remarkable…” please say it by heart.  It is really awesome if everybody thinks that way.

Congratulations to the new batch of nurses and medical personnel. As you land in your first job, checkout the best medical uniform store for you and be groom in your first day of work. . Do the best that you can and do things extraordinarily well. Success comes after when you are passionately in love of what you are doing. Enjoy the first job and keep going. I salute you.

God bless everyone.

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