Friday, April 29, 2011

Modern Day Cinderella: Will they Live Happily Ever After? (Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding)

Do you believe in fairytales? Have you ever met your prince/ princess?
I think many of us here really believe in fairytales and dreamed that, someday, we will meet someone who is destined to be our lover, our partner, our prince.

will they live happily ever after?

Today, the whole world witnessed the “Royalty Wedding” of Prince William and Kate Middleton- the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They say, it is the Modern day Cinderella and her Prince. This question raises… will they live happily ever after? Many wishes to be like them. Many wishes to be the prince or to be the next princess but only few understand what it means to “have a royal wedding” and gain “royal treasures” and riches. Well, let me share to you my point of view.

For me every one of us is destined to have a wonderful story. Every one of us is destined to meet our real prince- someday. If you believe that God is the greatest author of our life story, truly this is one of the wonderful stories that will be written. God is sovereign and He is the King of all Kings and only you declare and believe that you are the son or daughter of the King, truly we can have our own “Royalty Wedding”. If you allow God to be the center of your relationship and your marriage, truly this is “Happily Ever After”.

Is the Royal wedding of Prince William & Kate a happy ever after story? We don’t know- but God knows.

Keep going everyone. Jesus loves you.

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