Monday, March 14, 2011

Got a New Phone- Samsung C3010

Hi guys. I think some of you here really miss me. Well it is quite too long since I blog about my personal life here. So far, I have great experiences- though unemployed. I’m still searching for the best opportunity in which God leads me. In fact, I’m still waiting for my upcoming licensure exam for teachers. Truly my life is really in God’s hand.

I am also thankful for the blessing that God gave to me. He never failed to supply all my needs even my simplest desire. Last time, March 09, 2011, I bought my new Samsung c3010 cellphone. It is not that luxurious or expensive but I love it- I’m not that luxurious when it come to cellular phone. I think that phone is destined to mine. All the features were good and great. Though it is not that kind of “high tech” feature but I still enjoyed downloading and listening to my favorite Christian songs. I got my SD card (with less than 1GB memory) from my mom’s phone… sorry mom.LOL. If you like you may donate your old 1GB SD card to me. It is my pleasure to accept it.LOL.

So here’s how my new phone looks like- though I I just grab it from Google. Thanks God for my new phone and let’s celebrate my first week’s ownership of my phone Samsung C3010. Keep going and God bless.

P.S. Actually I’m serious, if you want to donate your old SD card to me (at least 1GB) well I’m very glad to accept it. Just tell me or comment here.LOL.


sarah said...

cool! congrats on your new phone. my old buddy is failing me..:(

aterhea said...

ur lucky to have a new one.this is really cool, i like it.


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