Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity Works in Pursuing Success

I’ve been watching television more than an hour now and I really have fun critiquing some TV ads and TV shows. I really hate ads especially if they intervene in my “watching hour” in my favorite TV program. In someway, later, I realized and appreciate the beauty of advertising. There is really creativity in it.

Advertising is the strategic in introducing and promoting something to the market or the people- and it requires creativity. I really admire creative people. I’ve been in the Tod Seisser site and I really learned about the essence of advertising as it captured the world of television, the World Wide Web and any types of media. I have read about Tod Seisser info and a partner at Grok- an integrated creative company who has already been able to develop several notable campaigns. Checkout website and learn about Tod Seisser and learn about true hard work towards success. I was really inspired in that article. It simply tells us to persevere in our work and to do simple things extra ordinarily well.

Hi, I find this Ad campaign at Grok site and am also wish to do work like this- contributing my creativity in producing high quality ads.

Oh, those reprimand me that there are no impossible dreams. I dreamed to be a visual artist someday and wish to work as an artist in an advertising company. Those dreams can be achieve if just believe in our self as well as believing in God.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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