Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When I Say I Do: Love, Proposal and Marriage

Oh, I just can’t wait to be married soon.LOL. I’m just kidding. I got this idea about wedding when I browsed some uploaded photos from my cousin’s FaceBook account. I really enjoyed looking at the photographs of his friend’s prenuptial photo shoot. The theme is very cute. My cousin is just an amateur photographer. It is his first year in experimenting and exploring photography but he’s work is really awesome.

In a wedding photo shoot, the greatest objects in photography are the Wedding Bands. Wedding bands symbolizes love, passion and commitment. It represents your love and vows to your husband or wife.

Find your best wedding bands today at 25karats.com. Great wedding bands as well as Engagement Rings are available in the internet, you may checkout great 2011 wedding bands collection. There is no need for you to walk an extra mile to find your perfect wedding ring because it is already available in the internet. Purchase your favorite bands today and star it in your prenuptial and nuptial photo shoot. Make your proposal perfect and unforgettable.

In you wedding day, make it perfect with these glittered wedding rings- it is not just the ring that glitters, but also the smile and joy of the wedding couple will glitter.

Oh, how sweet. When I marry, I really pray that he is the right one that God had entrusted. In my 21st year of singleness, I’m hoping that when I get married, I’m hoping that it will we forever- until the day comes that we will be wearing our golden Anniversary Rings.

It’s really good to be in love. God bless you all. And those who are getting married this April 2011 wedding season, I wish you all the best and may God bless your relationship.

Keep going.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arpirl 3: The Big Date

HOooo... I can't help myself but to feel nervous... excited and pressured. My Big Day is coming. Please help me God.

I'll be taking my board exam for teacher. Quite pressured, but I trust a BIG GOD. I can make it through Him. God bless us. I'll gonna take the exam peacefully with wisdom and understanding from the Lord. I'll gonna win this fight. The victory is mine. Trust God always.

I already marked my calendar. It's my big date. wish me a success and God bless. To God be the Glory. ^^,

Keep going!!

Staying in Tune with Music

Hi, I just got home from the review center. Well I was really busy and quite pressured for my upcoming board exam this April. This is the last week of our review so I have to sacrifice and extend my time in reviewing.

What are the ways that I can do to prepare for the exam? One of the things I do to relax in to listen to music. A week or days before the exam, I have to take some rest. This is one simple way to relax myself. I also wish to buy a 1G SD card for my phone to increase phone memory to download different songs especially my favorite Christian music.

For music lovers out there, you may checkout Now 78. Now 78 is one of the best selling new compilation albums that brings together the biggest hits of 2010. It is a double disc album with different popular tracks with different artists. It also includes one of my favorite songs “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. You may purchase it online and listen to the different genres of music.

Well definitely music, on how you interpret it- can lift you up. It touches one soul. Music is a freedom of creativity- you are free to choose and express your own feelings.

Well, definitely I enjoyed listening to music this as few days. It helps me soothe my feeling. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity Works in Pursuing Success

I’ve been watching television more than an hour now and I really have fun critiquing some TV ads and TV shows. I really hate ads especially if they intervene in my “watching hour” in my favorite TV program. In someway, later, I realized and appreciate the beauty of advertising. There is really creativity in it.

Advertising is the strategic in introducing and promoting something to the market or the people- and it requires creativity. I really admire creative people. I’ve been in the Tod Seisser site and I really learned about the essence of advertising as it captured the world of television, the World Wide Web and any types of media. I have read about Tod Seisser info and a partner at Grok- an integrated creative company who has already been able to develop several notable campaigns. Checkout www.todseisser.info website and learn about Tod Seisser and learn about true hard work towards success. I was really inspired in that article. It simply tells us to persevere in our work and to do simple things extra ordinarily well.

Hi, I find this Ad campaign at Grok site and am also wish to do work like this- contributing my creativity in producing high quality ads.

Oh, those reprimand me that there are no impossible dreams. I dreamed to be a visual artist someday and wish to work as an artist in an advertising company. Those dreams can be achieve if just believe in our self as well as believing in God.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Want to Runaway...

I need to escape. I need to set free from all these stressful bondages that I’m facing right now. I can’t deny the fact that I am bombarded with so many things in my mind- about my board exam, I have to study hard, I have unfinished business and my grandmother is sick. I’m currently in a state of anxiety. I need to cope up on this as soon a possible.

Truly a 4 Star Hotel

Wow, I love to share this site. This could be one of the best places that I would love share in my blog or rather to stay and relax for a while in times like this. Well I’m pertaining to Odessa Ukraine hotels in Romania. Looking at their website’s featured rooms, restaurant, sauna and etc. it surely gives me an interest to book my flight to Romania and give yourself a great relaxation. This place would be very great if you want to pamper and unleash the stressful moments that you’re encountering right now. I’ve been to different hotels already and I tell you it really gives you a relaxing pace. If you want to save some bucks well you can also checkout their Odessa apartment. Still it has great ambiance and surely it will really give us the perfect place where in we can relax our body. It is also suitable for business trips and business meeting. Oh, I love to be in that place soon.LOL.

In everything, though I am experiencing great thunderstorms and trials, nothing can ever separate me from the love of God. My faith is always in Him. God bless. Keep going.

Insure Your Health, Insure Your Life

I just can’t help to worry about my lola’s (grandmother) condition. I haven’t blog about her sickness lately because I was quite busy. She was diagnosed having a rectal cancer and it in stage four.

Life is really unpredictable. That is why most people today have their personal insurance. Having a personal insurance is the best way to be prepared financially in case of accidents and unpredictable events. This is also helpful for families who need financial assistance in hospital bills and any medical expenses and more. Well I hope I could start investing personal insurance today for my family’s sake.

Financially and emotionally we are shocked. I just hope that we could cope up in this situation. To my grandmother, keep on fighting. I know that God is able to help us. We have a great assurance in his plans and will. All we have to do is to completely trust Him.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Exam?

The most awaited date of my life is coming. No, I’m not talking about wedding date but I’m pertaining about my examination date. This April 3, I will be having a Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET). I really need to pass this exam to have a license to teach. I don’t know why but I am having a cramming pace since the exam date will be the week after next.

I have to make sure that I’m emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually prepared before I take the exam. This week, since I already have two weeks left before the exam, I have to undergo these preparations. I hope I can do so.

How to be physically fit? First, I have to eat nutritious food, exercise and have enough rest- which means to sleep early (I hope I can do it tonight).LOL. Next, be mentally and emotionally fit. The reason why I keep on browsing the net is to find some resources to make sure I’m mentally prepared. I’m glad I found these tutoring resources. This math tutor would be a great help for me to understand more about the math concepts. This site also will be a good source for students who seek math tutors since final examination week is approaching. Definitely my younger sister badly needs academic tutoring for there periodic exam this week (she had poor performance in her academic subjects lately). To prepare emotionally "know that you know something". Emotionally fit will follow when you know that you have done your best to study and you are confident enough to answer hard and complicated questions. I have to clear my mind from any problems and do not tolerate anxiety and fear. And lastly, pray. Pray to God that He will give you strength. Submit to His will and give your complete trust in Him. With God, all things are possible.

God bless everyone and I hope I will pass the exam. Keep going.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buy Car Audio, Other Accessories and More

Hi guys, did you read my old post? Yeah, I’m so grateful at last I got my new mobile phone. I’m not the kind of person that is fun of “high tech” gadgets but I love its benefits. I had fun in my fist week with my phone- listen to playlist, listen to the radio as well as using Bluetooth in transferring files from my sister’s phone to mine. I’m not up to expensive phone as long as I’m enjoying using it, it is fine with me.

Speaking of technology and phones, I’m far behind to the trends. So I’ve searched more about it. Well I’m glad I’ve browsed about Bluetooth headsets and phone accessories. I love to have Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers- since I’m fun listening to different music. Bluetooth headset is really useful nowadays especially those who are driving in their cars. These compact devices give you wireless connection to your mobile device in seconds and makes things much easier and better. You can make a call and listen to the music in wireless connection to your phone while driving. I’m wishing to have that and planning to invest for my phone’s accessories.

Bluetooth Headsets:

Jabra BT8040 & BlueAnt V1

Blogging about different technology is useful to me because I’m the one who really learns more about it. Well here’s another one, give your car the best accessories like car receivers and car speakers and experience listening to your favorite music while in your road journey. In my case, I really dreamed to have our family car and wish to have these car accessories so I can listen to my favorite Christian music. Checkout and purchase a new car audio and video online. If I’ll have the car, well I’ll just browse this post so I can search the site to buy these quality products online.

I hope this post helps you too. Keep going. God bless.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you so busy working for God that you never spend any time with God?

It is easy to justify doing good works for God as a substitute for spending real, intimate, quality, personal time with God. For example, a youth pastor may spend many hours planning events for kids—preparing the music, setting up the games, arranging the transportation, and even preparing a brief message. However, none of that is a substitute for spending personal time with God—reading the Bible, praying, seeking God's guidance, worshiping, and just sitting in His presence. Unfortunately, many people are often so caught up in other activities that we use them as an excuse for not spending time with God. Instead, they need to make a firm decision to put God first in our lives. For example, King David, who certainly had many opportunities to fill his time with other activities, knew that spending time with God is an absolute necessity—a vital need. In Psalm 27:4, he said that God was the most important thing in his life: One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. Article soyrce:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Got a New Phone- Samsung C3010

Hi guys. I think some of you here really miss me. Well it is quite too long since I blog about my personal life here. So far, I have great experiences- though unemployed. I’m still searching for the best opportunity in which God leads me. In fact, I’m still waiting for my upcoming licensure exam for teachers. Truly my life is really in God’s hand.

I am also thankful for the blessing that God gave to me. He never failed to supply all my needs even my simplest desire. Last time, March 09, 2011, I bought my new Samsung c3010 cellphone. It is not that luxurious or expensive but I love it- I’m not that luxurious when it come to cellular phone. I think that phone is destined to mine. All the features were good and great. Though it is not that kind of “high tech” feature but I still enjoyed downloading and listening to my favorite Christian songs. I got my SD card (with less than 1GB memory) from my mom’s phone… sorry mom.LOL. If you like you may donate your old 1GB SD card to me. It is my pleasure to accept it.LOL.

So here’s how my new phone looks like- though I I just grab it from Google. Thanks God for my new phone and let’s celebrate my first week’s ownership of my phone Samsung C3010. Keep going and God bless.

P.S. Actually I’m serious, if you want to donate your old SD card to me (at least 1GB) well I’m very glad to accept it. Just tell me or comment here.LOL.

Diamond Women's Jewelry and More

Hi friends. I’m back. Well it’s been a long time since I posted my last blog post. So I love to grab this opportunity to post great stuff and reasonable post as much as I can. Well speaking of great post, here are some of fashionable stuff and great accessories that you will love.
Here is some of the fashionable Diamond Womens Jewelry. I really love to share and blog it out because personally, I’ve been longing for this kind of design. Mom just bought me a new necklace and it has a “&” design pendants.

I love this Diamond Teddy Bear pendant. Really it has great designs that surely match-up your “pretty woman” looks. It is our time to shine and standout in this glittering pendant. If you love to see more, checkout some other designs in their website today.
Check it out, I grabbed some photos.

I also love to share to you this Ladies Pink Fully-Iced Gucci Watch. Lately, the wrist watch that mom gave to me last year is giving me trouble- it doesn’t give me exact time or late time. Well I have to find another watch for replacement. So, here I am wishing to have this cute Ladies Pink watches from Gucci.

I love this watch.

Enjoy! Stay pretty and to all girls out there, always feel pretty… because you are.

Keep going always. God bless.


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