Sunday, February 06, 2011

Why Drink Soya?

Why drink soya?

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My doctor prescribed and advised me to drink soya milk. It is my third week drinking soya milk and still I don’t know its health benefits. So I need to search for soya milk’s health benefits.
Actually, I had a skin allergy before and I’m really prone to stress. My doctor told me to avoid chocolates, soft drinks, chicken meat, sea foods like shrimp and squid.

I don’t know how soya could really benefit me. So I have to search on it.
Soya is also an excellent source of protein and many essential vitamins and minerals.
Studies have shown that soya's active ingredients can help correct hormones that have moved out of balance. Indeed, there has not been a single reported case of soya having an adverse affect on a woman's hormones. (source:

They also say that soya is an antioxidant. Maybe that’s the reason why doctor prescribed it because it helps to remove toxins in my body due to too much stress.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


niQue said...

Unfortunately I dont like soya at all :(( I know the advantage of drink soya but i cant force myself to drink it :(( pity heh :D

Barry said...

I'm with you there niQue. Yuk! I don't mind recommending it to others, but it's cow juice for me. :)


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