Friday, February 25, 2011

CIGNA Health Tour Awareness- The Integrated Technology Approach

Hi guys. Well happy weekend to everyone. Since it is weekend, well I stayed longer hours in front of the computer. Definitely this habitual trait is totally… “It’s not good for your health” (usually these words are from my mom).

Well then, mother knows best. Sometimes we take for granted mom’s words of wisdom and the essence of health awareness. I’m really glad to blog about CIGNA Health Tour Awareness. It is time for us to be part of inducing awareness and consciousness about our health. Watch out for the 18-wheels mobile tour learning lab of CIGNA. It exhibits and raises awareness about health awareness- traditional and non-traditional influences.
Usually we are aware about our health through blood pressures and cholesterols and etc. Usually it is conducted and checked in our health centers in our community. This time CIGNA – a global health service company- takes you into another level. They already have an 18 wheels mobile learning lab to challenge you into a better and integrated way in leaning about your health and be health conscious. They challenge you to learn about health a little bit differently.

If you want to increase your awareness and understanding about health, then respond to the challenge of the Cigna Health Awareness Tour Mobile Learning Lab. Checkout the videos I embed below.

Take care always. Be health conscious and live a healthy life. Keep going and God bless.

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