Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vacation Trip: First Lunch at Sala Restaurant

Hi everyone. Here’s my first post from my trip.

Surely you will love this lunch. This is our first lunch in Sala restaurant in the Kabayan Hotel. The menus were really great. Just as the exact time, their mouth-watering dishes were served.

Oh, I would love to recommend this restaurant to my friends. Well, it would be great if they have provided us business cards for promotions and for inquiries. I love to be back in that restaurant someday.

checkout one of my favorite scene... eating time.

at Sala restaurant

cold iced-tea

"beef steak tagalog"

"lechon kawali"

"pork pochero"

We are all hungry at that time so you can clearly see that our plates are all cleaned.

Thank God.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Lyla said...

where is Kabayan Hotel? Is it in Bandung? what do you think about Indonesia :D

LinGZ said...

kabayan hotel is in the Philippines


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