Friday, January 28, 2011

The Things that Satisfies

In the luxurious life you have do you have the heart for those who are in need? Many of us here want to have this kind of life but only few just made it. Only few who changes their luxury cars just like changing clothes.

I really dreamed and ask God to give us a family car. I really like to have it to bond with my family. I hope we can go to church together and go in a vacation trip with my family. Sometimes, I ask why there are many people who changes their luxury car every year and yet don‘t have one in my own.

It never comes in my mind about people who can’t eat three times a day. There are people who really face poverty. If you have the heart for the poor, and car donation would be one of your best option to help. Donating your car could be your chance to help others. This could be a life changing for others. Donate your car in the donate to charity website. Checkout California car donation and New York car donation today and see how it helps and reaches to the people who needs it.

In reality, material things cannot really satisfy. Every people’s longing and desires cannot attain by material things. Real happiness comes from the smiles and gladness of the people you have helped.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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