Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother and Daughter Gift Watches

I was stock up all day at home because of the rain. I remember last time, yesterday, when I was left under the rain without any umbrella. I was all wet but thank God I didn’t catch a cold and thankful that I’ve saved my favorite wristwatch that mom gave me. The watch is not water resistant so I have to secure it before it gets wet.

This coming February, in celebrating the “heart’s day”, show your mom your love and care. It’s going to be a best time to give our mom a treat. I hope I could really treat her new swiss replica watches. Oh I love to have that kind of watch too. I also posted some of the chopard replica watches and christian dior replica watch I wish I could also own. Here check it out.

The design is perfect for adults, youth or even for the teens. It is also awesome if you can purchase it for two- a pair for you and for your mom. What about you?

Whatever happens, I will value and take good care of the gifts from mom. Though I ruin it sometimes but I always keep it and treasured it forever.

Enjoy choosing the best wristwatch that suite for you and your mom. Keep going everyone. God bless.

My 3D IMAX Experience

Vacation Trip: My First 3D IMAX Experience

Tron Legacy on 3D IMAX

One of my wonderful experiences in our trip was when we watched Tron in the 3D IMAX theater. Watching the movie really cost a lot but the experience is really great and unusual. That is my first time I experienced watching movies in high-tech mode. I can see objects in the movie in 3D and it really makes me feel I’m part of the scene.

big sister(left) and me (right)

The movie we’ve watched is “Tron” and the effects and animation really suites to watch in 3D. These are our pictures during our Tron 3D IMAX experience.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Things that Satisfies

In the luxurious life you have do you have the heart for those who are in need? Many of us here want to have this kind of life but only few just made it. Only few who changes their luxury cars just like changing clothes.

I really dreamed and ask God to give us a family car. I really like to have it to bond with my family. I hope we can go to church together and go in a vacation trip with my family. Sometimes, I ask why there are many people who changes their luxury car every year and yet don‘t have one in my own.

It never comes in my mind about people who can’t eat three times a day. There are people who really face poverty. If you have the heart for the poor, and car donation would be one of your best option to help. Donating your car could be your chance to help others. This could be a life changing for others. Donate your car in the donate to charity website. Checkout California car donation and New York car donation today and see how it helps and reaches to the people who needs it.

In reality, material things cannot really satisfy. Every people’s longing and desires cannot attain by material things. Real happiness comes from the smiles and gladness of the people you have helped.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Watch: A Little Thing Called Love

I was Hooked-up with this Thai-movie! I love it and I suggest everybody must watch this.
It is based on the true-story of everyone. LOL. Yeah everybody can relate to this “Little Thing Called Love”.

High school crushes and puppy love… who haven’t experienced this kind of thing? Well, I think everybody can’t say, no... no… It’s a mashed-up comedy and romantic film. Funny because the girl really tried her best to be recognized by her senior crush. You can see her transformations and the “crazy things” she did for her crush. (We’ll we are guilty in doing such things too.) At the end, will she conquer the heart of her crush or shall we call it love?

Checkout the trailer.

You will surely remember your crush and high school “love stuff” after watching it.

Keep going everyone and enjoy the movie.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Under Pressure? Find Ways to Unwind

Oh no… I’m under pressure. I’m panicking and bombard with many review sheets to study. Yeah, I will be having a board exam this coming April. Oh, I can’t take the pressure. I have to study all day and work in my online job at night. I feel so dizzy and stressed. I need something that can help me pampered my mind and unleash those uneasy feelings.


Whenever I feel so down, I used to go outside our house, watch the chirping of the birds and dancing of the trees. The lovely nature gives us positive energy to go on with our lives. That’s why, outdoor planters will really suite us if we want to unwind. Well, I really hope that I can find time to fix our yard or do landscaping in my leisure time to enjoy and get in touch with nature. Checkout some outddor planter online and experience great changes in your lifestyle. Start collecting planter accessories today and start investing for indoor planters. It’s time for you to make home improvements with indoor planter. Try to put some blooming flowers in your living room.

Great ambiance can surely help you unwind and relax. It will give you best environment where you can study and review. If feel pressured and stressed, well do not tolerate the feeling. Instead, find ways to prevent it.

Above anything else, God is our present help in times of need. All we have to do is trust in His goodness. Keep going.

Where to Buy Ticket for Taylor Swift's 2011 Concert ?

Hey friends. What are your plans upcoming “heart’s day”? Actually I enjoyed being single. I’m just having fun and glorify God as enjoy living a life to the fullest.

This coming February, we don’t need to a boy friend or a girl friend. Let’s make it a date with our friends and family. Spend time together like watching concerts. Watch out for Taylor Swift Tickets online. Checkout the best online ticket broker today and buy your Taylor Swift Tickets Los Angeles or Taylor Swift Tickets New York.

I really admire Taylor Swift's beauty. She's really gorgeous.

 Taylor Swift

Oh, I love the song entitled “A Love Story” by Taylor Swift. The song really great.

Yeah, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift too, so I was quite updated in her latest world tour concert in 2011 "Speak Now". Checkout some of the online ticket broker today and checkout your favorite artists concert tickets.

Keep going. It’s a “celebrity” Thursday everyone. God bless.

Murano Glasses and More

Murano Glass is, perhaps, the most famous Venetian product with over 700 years of history, worldwide fame, and rising popular appeal. Handmade by skilled artisans and designers exclusively on the island of Murano in Venetian Lagoon, Murano Glass objects represent artistic beauty, quality, uniqueness, and tradition valued by the discerning customer.

Glass Of Venice, market leaders in online sales of Venetian Glass, have launched a new version of their website, Unlike conventional web malls that use a standard template for selling many products, has been carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of Murano Glass.

“We only sell authentic murano glass jewelry, accessories, and home decor produced by the Artisans on the the Venetian island of Murano,” said Kevin Grinberg, Founder and CEO of GlassOfVenice. “Each item is hand made using ancient techniques, handed down over the generations; we try to match that dedication in our website, with a wide range of Murano glass products and individual high quality images and descriptions for each unique item.”

Murano Glass

Artistic glass making on Murano has a long history that goes back 700 years to the very start of the Renaissance period. It’s always had a major role in Venetian economy and culture, and today it’s still an important part of the beauty and attraction of Venice. GlassOfVenice works directly with the Murano Artisans, making their wares available worldwide at the lowest possible prices on an easy to use and informative web site, with 100% secure ordering.

GlassOfVenice is not just a sales outlet with over a thousand products ranging from murano glass pendants and murano necklaces to murano vases and chandeliers; the knowledgeable staff is just as passionate about Venetian glass as the discerning and dedicated customers. The attractive well-designed website includes a wealth of information about the history of Venetian glass making, the different styles and techniques, and about Venice itself, complete with a very informative well-written blog dedicated to all things related to Murano glass and Venice. Anybody who likes Venice will love browsing the site; it’s a second best to actually being there.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vacation Trip: First Lunch at Sala Restaurant

Hi everyone. Here’s my first post from my trip.

Surely you will love this lunch. This is our first lunch in Sala restaurant in the Kabayan Hotel. The menus were really great. Just as the exact time, their mouth-watering dishes were served.

Oh, I would love to recommend this restaurant to my friends. Well, it would be great if they have provided us business cards for promotions and for inquiries. I love to be back in that restaurant someday.

checkout one of my favorite scene... eating time.

at Sala restaurant

cold iced-tea

"beef steak tagalog"

"lechon kawali"

"pork pochero"

We are all hungry at that time so you can clearly see that our plates are all cleaned.

Thank God.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Storing Treasured Memories

Have a great day to everyone. I know many of you here wait for my vacation photographs to be posted here in my blog. Just wait for a while because I just finished downloading the pictures in the computer. I’ve already uploaded the pictures in my Facebook.

My vacation trip is really enjoyable. It is really worth sharing for and treasured forever. We almost consumed 2G of my cousins Nikon D3000 SLR memory card. Yeah, so I’m getting ready for blank DVD-R to store all those photos and keep it forever. Checkout some available stores online stores that sells blank DVD-R, blank CD-R. is an excellent source for blank media accessories and equipment.

Enjoy storing your memorable events of your life captured in photographs. Now a day, there are already some high-tech approaches in storing our favorite and memorable events and one of it is using video cameras. My sister captured one of the best events in our trip- the fountain dance, fireworks display and riding a coaster. Maybe we need some VideoHelp today to help us enhance our video recordings and editing.

Keep going everyone and enjoy everything you do and don’t forget to store it in your camera. Have a happy day. God bless.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Want to Free From Body Pains?

Hi everyone. I just did the “resting the whole week” task and it feels so great. As I’ve posted here in my blog, my whole trip or city escapade was quite tiring but really enjoyable. After the trip, I was left with a great and memorable memories together with my cousins and friends. I haven’t posted some updates abut our enjoyable trip because I got body pains and feels so sick. I got colds and coughs. But the worse is that my body pains don’t recover easily. Maybe we have the same situation right now in your office place or school, here, checkout Buying Tramadol Online- just for a friendly advice.

Honestly, mom doesn’t pay attention in my aches and pains last Maybe this is just a simple way of saying “that’s what you’ve got for leaving me alone”. But I love mom so much and I also enjoyed the vacation trip without Thanks to mom also for giving me a bunch of oranges for my colds.

By the way if you couldn’t really stand because of your back pains, I suggest here some available No Prescription Tramadol to help you ease the pain. It’s also important to take Tramadol with care and know its side effects, checkout Buy Tramadol Cod. Get to know the dos and don’ts and its side effects.
Maybe you’re asking why I am promoting some sites in this post… well it gives a little juice in my post and I hope it will help you. I hope this will be the good source to buy a Tramadol today. Enjoy exploring the site and I hope it helps. Have a pain-free travel or traveling. Secure Tramadol in your backpacks or even in your office drawers.
Keep going everyone and God bless. Have a rainy afternoon. Relax, enjoy and chill. Have a great day.

Google Logo: Cézanne 172nd Birthday

Have a great Wednesday to everyone.

What’s our Google logo all about? Well, checkout this one.

Cézanne 172nd birthday.

The logo is one of his still-life paintings.

Just like sir Cézanne, I call him sir because I idealize his works of art, I also love arts. Painting and drawing is one of my interest and love since I was young.

Thanks to Google because I learned that sir Paul Cézanne is the father of all artists. I quoted it from wiki… “Cézanne‘s the father of us all’- Matisse and Picasso”.

Keep going everyone happy art Wednesday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My First Airplane Ride

Last week, I was out of town and was offline in blogging because I went to a trip- great and exciting trip indeed. It's so exciting because it is my first time to board in an airplane. Yes, that moment is one of my best and unforgettable experience to me.

What excites me more... When the airplane reaches I think it's 36, ooo feet high, I can clearly see the huge city, the mountains, the oceans and the clear blue sky (it's just like what I've seen when I use Google earth in the net). Now, this time is for real. With the teardrops in my eyes... I was really amazed to the artistic Creator of all these things- our Almighty God.

The difference between us and God is more than a candle compared to the sun... A snowflake compared to an arctic ice... a drop of water compared to an ocean... a speckle of dust to the universe. He is qualitatively different in above us.
Supreme and Sovereign. He is Holy. He is God. No one else exceeds. ( It is from Joshua Harris's statement).

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Planning a Trip? Checkout the Beauty Tips in Traveling

Thank God I’m back from my vacation. I was pretty tired from the vacation but indeed I really enjoyed our three day vacation trip.
That trip was quite expensive but it is all worth it. We stayed in one of the luxurious hotel and we tour around the city. In the hotel, I really feel like staying their forever. In the hotel, they have cable TV, soft beds and great ambiance. My favorite is their hot and cold shower. After the all day tour, I loved to take a hot shower. That refreshes my feeling. Also don’t forget to bring your hair dryers- because it’s not available in the hotel.

I suggest when you go on a trip- always bring with you your beauty kits because surely you will need it a lot. For sure you will love to take a hot shower at midnight- after your long tour- you better checkout the best hair dryers on the net and start purchasing it now. Plus, you also need great flat irons today. Definitely, the wind and the polluted air will surely ruin and gives you a bad-hair-day. Avoid a shaggy hair in your trip and always look good in photographs all the time.

Checkout this stylish Hair Dryers today

Checkout some of the best Flat Iron today

In a trip, us girls should always secure some beauty kits in your luggage and have a pretty and wonderful trip.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gone Offline for a Vacation Trip “OFFLINE” for a vacation. I will be back after three day.
Keep going.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year and New Look: Enhancing Working Uniform

Happy New Year and welcome 2011. How did you celebrate your new year?

I celebrated my new year with my family and cousins. We had a maquerade party and we do some pictorials.
I really feel glad that I’m able to celebrate it together with my family. But some of the honorable professions like nurses and doctors required their duties in New Year’s eve. So, I want to post this article as a simple appreciations to medical men and nurses who are all dedicated in their duties.

So what’s “out” and “in” this 2011? Checkout this scrubs clothing in the net. This is “in” for the New Year. If you hope to feel comfortable and feel like beautiful- while you’re at work- then this is the perfect post for you to find the best nursing scrubs that fits for you. Feel great about yourself. Try something new this year and enhance your beauty while at work. This post will surely give you a new style of nursing scrubs. Don’t feel frumpy on your uniforms. Learn where to buy cheap scrubs today and experience great enhancement in your working uniform this New Year.

Keep going everyone and God bless.


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