Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Rise of Social Marketing and Social Advertising

How many social media sites do you update everyday?Honestly , I posted in my Facebook and tweet in my Twitter account almost everyday. Really social media sites are one of the latest trends in the internet today.

Do you know that the top 2 in Alexa Ranking is the www.facebook.com? Yes, you’ve read it right. FaceBook is next to Google in the world wide rankings as the most visited and browsed sites in the World Wide Web according to Alexa traffic rankings. Alexa also reports that FaceBook have a worldwide audience who browsed from home, in school or in business.

While Facebook is in the rank 2, Twitter is in the top 10 in Alexa and Linkedin is in the top 25. I think this is the rise of social media networks as well as social media marketing. I conclude that every person who uses internet is a social media site user. Even our teachers in the university plays and open Facebook during there lunch break.

This implies that social media sites are one of the effective tools in marketing and advertising. For the next three years, definitely this is one of the center media for advertising and marketing by the different companies. It is the simplest way to connect to its target audience. Today, there are helpful sites that will help you to
update social networks all at once. Once you create an account you will be able to send updates to all of your social networking profiles at once. I.e you can post to your Facebook profile, tweet to your Twitter account and update your LinkedIn profile.

Check it out try it to your business today. This is some of the helpful tip to use your time wisely at the same time effectively- as you try to use social media sites in marketing. Prove its effectiveness today.

Checkout this photo screenshot from the Alexa site:

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