Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Productive Use of Technology: Social Network Marketing

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. –Albert Einstein

Use technology.
Don’t let technology use you.

Checkout this video from YouTube.

Definitely the invasion of technology today had reached to a point where it exceeds our humanity- just like Albert Einstein stated a hundred years ago. I watched this video recently and I feel like I am also guilty in this statement. I’m also an internet addict. I allow technology to go beyond my humanity. The video implies that we are like prototypes- our world is inside the computer.

Use your time wisely. In fact we have to be more productive in everything we do. In this generation, there are young teens and young adults who uses technology as their asset and a helpful tool in improving there lifestyle. Don’t waste your time in a non profitable activities online. Engage yourself in a productive activities like involving yourself in a small business. Work online- attach to people and do social networking. It is also one way on how you improve your social interrelation and build up your target audience in any forms of sales promotion. Today, there are helpful tips that can help you in your small business. There are easier way to update all social network conveniently.

Learn to apply "time management". Save time in surfing the net and updating social media sites. Today, you can update your favorite social network all at once. Create an account in and you will be able to update to all of your social networking profiles at once. Means to say you can now post to your Facebook profile, tweet to your Twitter account and update your LinkedIn profile all at once. Plus you will be able to send a text message from your computer to your customers’ cell phones.

As Albert Einstein said, technology had already exceeded our humanity. It is time for use to break the bondage... use technology wisely. Be wise, don’t allow technology to use you.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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