Friday, December 03, 2010

My Alexa Rank is on the Rise

How to increase my blog’s Alexa Rank? As a blogger, this is one of the top questions. Still the answers are unclear. But what is Alexa rank for me and for bloggers and site owners?

As a blogger we always measure the success of our blog. We always track our blogs statistics and ranks (I think almost everyday). Alexa measures your site’s competitiveness to other sites- it is based on your blog traffic and visitors that drop at your blog. Then, they will rank all the sites in the worldwide web- from top 1 to top 100 site… and infinity. This also measures the readership and quality of your blog. Advertisers and companies consider Alexa’s ranking as one of the reliable and authentic source of site’s ranking in the World Wide Web.

How to make your site one of the top 100, 000 sites (or more) in the World Wide Web? Well, in my two years in blogging, I think I’ve done my best and I’m willing to work more on it to increase my Alexa rank . Here are some of my tips to increase Alexa rank… (This is based in my experiences).

1. One of the helpful tip is to drop EntreCards- through ( I have 300 or more unique visitors everyday through EntreCard dropping. (Learn more about it from the site).

2. Exchange links- it is the ways of putting a links of other sites or blog in your hope page (or simply exchanging links) while your site is now visible in his site’s homepage.

3. Do blog commenting. It’s really effective. More bloggers will come and comment to your site.

4. Paid ads- paid bucks and advertise (but I never did that due to lack of money).

5. Blog about Alexa (just like what I’m doing right now LOL.) Alexa love to blog or link in your site. Just try, there’s no harm in trying.

6. Lastly, blog with sincerity- blog about everything and anything under the sun. Be creative. Blog about what’s inside in your mind. Blog your life and always consider establish “a reader friendly blog”. It’s a ways of communication so your reader must understand and relate on what you are talking. Sometimes we have to check some
Google trends or “trending topic” in the net (it really helps).

Great rank I ♥ it (but I wont stop here). I'll keep on improving.LOL.

All efforts are worthy. So far, based on my two years in blogging, this is the highest rank I got from Alexa. Thanks Alexa.LOL. Keep going and keep on rising (pertaining to your site’s Alexa rank).
Keep going. God bless.


The Painted Veil said...

Hi I have added your link to my front page now.

Please do exchange with me. This is a great article and it talks about exchanging links.

Please do exchange with me.

The Painted Veil

Thanks bunches and I hope you add me!:-)

Sandro said...

Hi, congrats for your great Alexa ranking. It seems that you're going to be soon on the big Top 100,000.

Would you like to exchange link with me? My site has still a PR2, but in tne next update, it should have a PR3 or, God willing, a PR4.

Have a nice weekend:)

UAN said...

Quite interesting: thanks for the tips. As a blogger, I'm always looking for more ideas of increasing traffic to my blog. I love entrecard to:. It's just the best! I'm working on blogging more sincerely everyday. Will try out google trends too. One thing I do is to use google adwords too. It helps!

LinGZ said...

One of the important things to help you raise your rank is to build links. And one of the best way to build links is through book marking and link building in social media sites.

There are sites who will help you to update all social networks in the easiest way. You can update update all your profiles at once with "name" I.e you can post to your Facebook Profile, tweet to your Twitter account and update your LinkedIn profile.

milky said...

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milky said...

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javacse08 said...

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Jone said...

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