Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Learning to Play the Keyboard

The reason why I continually pursue my talent it’s because of “self expression”. I find myself interested in arts and painting. Since then, I isolated myself and made my own world where all my drawings are my creatures and I am there master. My talents are molded just to satisfy and glorify myself... That is me a decade years ago.

Now that I’m fully grown Christian- guided by the Holy Spirit- I find myself more interested in doing things that will Glorify God. By God’s grace, He changes my heart – a heart for arts and a heart to inspire and glorify God. I want to explore more worlds like drama and musical play. Before, I used to work backstage during my high school years- directing a drama or musical plays. But now I find myself in front of the stage “going beyond my limits” (Ephesians 3:21) My heart is longing for something where in I can glorify God in different worlds.

Now, I find myself interested in learning to play the keyboard. My sister and I eagerly want to play it. In our church, it is a part of worship. The worship team plays musical instruments like keyboards, drums, guitars, tambourines and etc. Good thing is, after my graduation, I'm not just staying in the house all day doing nothing but I'm doing something more fruitful. That’s why I’m hitting keys and always trying to practice and memorize all the piano chords. Though it is tiring and annoying sometimes (every time I failed to hit the key) but it is really satisfying knowing that you want to improve yourself and Glorify God above everything you do. It is my hearts desire to learn and play the instruments for my first love—God.

At this moment, I’m just so glad to blog my piano lessons and I perfectly played “The Silent Night” song (It really fits for Christmas season). I love it. Keep going everyone and God bless.

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