Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year!!

May the promise of the New Year bring you God's blessings:

-Good health

Welcome 2011.

Happy prosperous 2011. God bless.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evolution of ID Printing

Well, it’s really a long day. I went to the beach today to celebrate with the alumni in our college department. Now, I’m a certified alumnus in our prestigious university.
Come to think of it… Time really runs fast. It’s been years now since the time I was in my primary school- where I started to read and write. Now, I’m an alumnus in a university. I thank God in everything He has done in my life.

I always treasured the moment when I first handed my grade one ID card. The names were hand written and the card design is so simple. Now that I saw my first Alumni ID (and how it is being printed) using the magic card printers, I was amazed on how technology evolves. Card printers with the help of MA100K dye film ribbons are really an effective way to create a great design of cards in a short span of time. This is the latest gadget where you can have an automatic ID cards with just a minute.

It’s also good source of income for business purposes. Checkout MA100YMCKO and MA250YMCKO and learn for your replacements dye film. I was so amazed in this techno gadget so I didn’t stop my self to blog it out in my online journal.

I’m really glad that I can still witness the evolution and changes of technology from time to time.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Domain in 2011? Establishing a New Year Blog

New Year is coming. I wish you to have a prosperous new year to come. Let us welcome 2011 with a great joy in our hearts and thanks giving.

For me 2010 is a prosperous year for me. What are your plans and resolutions in the year 2011? I’m celebrating my 3rd blog anniversary. In my three years in blogging, I’m very much hopeful to improve my blog and to hope to acquire more experiences this coming year.

If you are planning to establish greater site this 2011, let this post be a helpful tool for you’re to achieve your dreams. Most important to keep in my when you start up building your site or blog is its domain name. Use check domain name as an effective tool in searching the availability of your desired domain name- (whether it is in the .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us and etc.)

See how it works, checkout this one guys…

Here’s a print screen for you to see how it works. So we have here the site itself. Just type the desired domain name.

Then, you can check it’s availability within a few seconds (maybe 2 or three seconds). This site is also helpful if you want updates in your desired domain names that are already taken. Choose the best domain name. Actually I regret, with regards to my domain name ( So the site can really gives you the best domain advices through forums and different tips.

Keep going everyone. I hope this tips helps.

God bless and have a prosperous new year.

Merry Christmas and Welcome 2011

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy New Year!! God bless and be the better or probably the best this 2011. Always remember... "Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.

May you have a prosperous New Year to come.
Welcome 2011!

Happy Blogoneversary to my Blog.

Keep going everyone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Christmas Inspired Stage Design

Hey, checkout this “white Christmas” inspired design. We’re working on it this stage design past few days. Together with my church mates, we really had a great time working on it.
The effort and the time that we spend working on it is all worth it.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Heavy Duty Tarps for Holiday Outings

This Christmas what are your plans for this holiday vacation?

Tomorrow, we will have an outing together with our “church young people”. It’s a great thing because I’m enjoying myself in an outing and any outdoor activities. We will go to the beach for our church fellowship.

How about you what special you want to give to your family? If I could have a chance, I also love to go for a mountain climbing or go for fishing and boating. It would be very perfect because there are available canvas tarps. Good heavy duty flame retardant tarps are now available online. Pack-up your things, prepare your canvas tarp and get ready for your enjoyable and adventurous outing ever.

Enjoy your holiday season. Keep going and God bless.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nurses' Personality Enhancement Tips

I consider nursing as a noble profession. This is one of the admiring and one of the most promising jobs today. I also dreamed to become a nurse and wish to care for the sick people. I also love to wear those cute medical uniforms but, since I have a Hemaphobia, my fear in blood ends up my dream to become a nurse. That is why I always admire those nurses and doctors who really worked hard to do their job extra ordinarily well.

One of the best things about nurses is that they have pleasing personalities that can help to ease the patient’s pain and ill feelings. Yes, that’s true- inner and outside personality helps.

The medical uniforms also add up to their pleasing appearance. Checkout some medical superstore online- and you can find great
Nursing Uniforms Scrubs. I also admire there different variety of White Lab Coats. The site have 31" long sleeve lab coat with embroidery pockets -two front patch pockets and button front. Pleasant appearance is also a great help to create a friendly and clean atmosphere in the hospitals.

add this 31" Lab W/ Embroidery Pocket for your wish list for Christmas

Being a medical personnel and a nurse, always wear a smile and speak with a soft voice. Do not withhold your caring touch and always know your patients emotional needs.
I hope this post can help to the nurses and medical personnel who wish to enhance and improve their inner and outer appearances.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Please Follow Me on Twitter

Would you mind if I will ask you a favor to follow me in Twitter? I just want to know the difference in number of followers I will have after posting this in my blog.LOL. (also to test my blog's effectiveness in advertising and promotion).

So please just hit the button below. Pleaseeeee...

Follow justmelingz17 on Twitter

I also love to share my thoughts and my day-to-day "roller coaster ride" experiences to you.

Keep going everyone. Don't forget to follow me. I'm so excites about the result. Thanks.

Thoughtful Thoughts: The Power of Prayer

Good things come to those who wait.

Better things come to those who try.

Best things come to those who believe.

But desired things comes to those who pray.


Keep going everyone. God bless you.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thank You for the Cross

My faith and being a Christian will never be a secret. In fact, I’m proud of it. So I love to share this gift, it’s a free gift. Take time to read this post. I want you to receive this gift too.

Salvation is not an idea of which man initiated. It’s God’s perfect plan of having One died for all that in Him we have wisdom, sanctification, redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30).

In effect, it allows us to have an unlimited access to his presence. Not by good works, but through His grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Salvation cannot be earned, only accepted... even if we are undeserving. God gives salvation for free. This is love in its truest form. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8).
In my life, I never have any riches and wealth… but I stand thankful and grateful for the cross with the abundance of His grace.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Merry Christmas- Jesus Christ is the meaning of Christmas.
(I want to say thank you to sister Ces who shared this thoughts and verses to me)

Productive Use of Technology: Social Network Marketing

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. –Albert Einstein

Use technology.
Don’t let technology use you.

Checkout this video from YouTube.

Definitely the invasion of technology today had reached to a point where it exceeds our humanity- just like Albert Einstein stated a hundred years ago. I watched this video recently and I feel like I am also guilty in this statement. I’m also an internet addict. I allow technology to go beyond my humanity. The video implies that we are like prototypes- our world is inside the computer.

Use your time wisely. In fact we have to be more productive in everything we do. In this generation, there are young teens and young adults who uses technology as their asset and a helpful tool in improving there lifestyle. Don’t waste your time in a non profitable activities online. Engage yourself in a productive activities like involving yourself in a small business. Work online- attach to people and do social networking. It is also one way on how you improve your social interrelation and build up your target audience in any forms of sales promotion. Today, there are helpful tips that can help you in your small business. There are easier way to update all social network conveniently.

Learn to apply "time management". Save time in surfing the net and updating social media sites. Today, you can update your favorite social network all at once. Create an account in and you will be able to update to all of your social networking profiles at once. Means to say you can now post to your Facebook profile, tweet to your Twitter account and update your LinkedIn profile all at once. Plus you will be able to send a text message from your computer to your customers’ cell phones.

As Albert Einstein said, technology had already exceeded our humanity. It is time for use to break the bondage... use technology wisely. Be wise, don’t allow technology to use you.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Laugh out Loud: Mmmmmm

I just receive this funny text in my mobile from my friends and I can’t help myself to laugh out loud. So I hurriedly open my blogger draft and share it with you. Have joyful evening. Enjoy!

Mobile text:

You can’t say “Mmmmmmm” for 7 seconds while holding your nose… (I know you’ll try this after reading this.) Enjoy and have fun.

Keep going. God bless.

Thoughtful Thoughts: Humility

True greatness is not measured by worldly success but found in humility to come out joyful at whatever adversities life may bring… This is only possible through the Lord’s grace.
This thoughts credits to my sister in Christ Ces.

God bless everyone and keep going.

The Rise of Social Marketing and Social Advertising

How many social media sites do you update everyday?Honestly , I posted in my Facebook and tweet in my Twitter account almost everyday. Really social media sites are one of the latest trends in the internet today.

Do you know that the top 2 in Alexa Ranking is the Yes, you’ve read it right. FaceBook is next to Google in the world wide rankings as the most visited and browsed sites in the World Wide Web according to Alexa traffic rankings. Alexa also reports that FaceBook have a worldwide audience who browsed from home, in school or in business.

While Facebook is in the rank 2, Twitter is in the top 10 in Alexa and Linkedin is in the top 25. I think this is the rise of social media networks as well as social media marketing. I conclude that every person who uses internet is a social media site user. Even our teachers in the university plays and open Facebook during there lunch break.

This implies that social media sites are one of the effective tools in marketing and advertising. For the next three years, definitely this is one of the center media for advertising and marketing by the different companies. It is the simplest way to connect to its target audience. Today, there are helpful sites that will help you to
update social networks all at once. Once you create an account you will be able to send updates to all of your social networking profiles at once. I.e you can post to your Facebook profile, tweet to your Twitter account and update your LinkedIn profile.

Check it out try it to your business today. This is some of the helpful tip to use your time wisely at the same time effectively- as you try to use social media sites in marketing. Prove its effectiveness today.

Checkout this photo screenshot from the Alexa site:

Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Gift Adventure

Christmas is here. As you can see in my blog, I had installed Christmas countdown and put some snow in my blog templates. Definitely you can conclude that my blog is ready and excited for Christmas.

Its 19 days till Christmas. We have 19 days to prepare for a great Christmas shopping and party celebrations. Well, are you ready for your plans this Christmas? Definitely we all want a great Christmas holiday vacation, trip, outings and parties. We had a scheduled tour and trip but it will fall this coming January. So, I have to think for the best activity for Christmas.

If you want an excitement and adventure, well checkout the Adrenaline site. It has different gift ideas. It’s pretty cool site because you can find here the best Christmas Presents you can give this Christmas. Checkout the different adventures you could possibly enjoy with your loved ones. Start wrapping your Christmas card invitation for a great adventure now. One of the sample adventure you can choose from is the Helicopter Scenic Flight, 18-20 Min City Orbit worth for only 120$ and Parasailing Manly Tandem For two for as low as 140$. There are many different Christmas treats and adventures you can choose from. This is once in a life time experience- definitely the best Christmas experience.

The best thing about Christmas… it is the time of gift giving and sharing the joy and happy moments with your loved ones. Always keep in your heart that Christmas is about remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
So, have fun, enjoy and love one another. Keep going.

Friday, December 03, 2010

My Alexa Rank is on the Rise

How to increase my blog’s Alexa Rank? As a blogger, this is one of the top questions. Still the answers are unclear. But what is Alexa rank for me and for bloggers and site owners?

As a blogger we always measure the success of our blog. We always track our blogs statistics and ranks (I think almost everyday). Alexa measures your site’s competitiveness to other sites- it is based on your blog traffic and visitors that drop at your blog. Then, they will rank all the sites in the worldwide web- from top 1 to top 100 site… and infinity. This also measures the readership and quality of your blog. Advertisers and companies consider Alexa’s ranking as one of the reliable and authentic source of site’s ranking in the World Wide Web.

How to make your site one of the top 100, 000 sites (or more) in the World Wide Web? Well, in my two years in blogging, I think I’ve done my best and I’m willing to work more on it to increase my Alexa rank . Here are some of my tips to increase Alexa rank… (This is based in my experiences).

1. One of the helpful tip is to drop EntreCards- through ( I have 300 or more unique visitors everyday through EntreCard dropping. (Learn more about it from the site).

2. Exchange links- it is the ways of putting a links of other sites or blog in your hope page (or simply exchanging links) while your site is now visible in his site’s homepage.

3. Do blog commenting. It’s really effective. More bloggers will come and comment to your site.

4. Paid ads- paid bucks and advertise (but I never did that due to lack of money).

5. Blog about Alexa (just like what I’m doing right now LOL.) Alexa love to blog or link in your site. Just try, there’s no harm in trying.

6. Lastly, blog with sincerity- blog about everything and anything under the sun. Be creative. Blog about what’s inside in your mind. Blog your life and always consider establish “a reader friendly blog”. It’s a ways of communication so your reader must understand and relate on what you are talking. Sometimes we have to check some
Google trends or “trending topic” in the net (it really helps).

Great rank I ♥ it (but I wont stop here). I'll keep on improving.LOL.

All efforts are worthy. So far, based on my two years in blogging, this is the highest rank I got from Alexa. Thanks Alexa.LOL. Keep going and keep on rising (pertaining to your site’s Alexa rank).
Keep going. God bless.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Online Deals and Coupon Codes at Musician’s Friends

Last time, I’ve posted about my piano lesson and my eagerness to play on it. I think I am an addict now. I really want to learn more about musical instruments. I’m not a music lover but I want to master in both worlds- art and music. I’ve been doing artworks like painting and drawing but I never tried to explore the world of music. This time I’m going to try.

Yesterday, I and my older sister went to the musical instrument store to buy a “piano lesson book”, praise and song hits books. I was really fascinated in the place. I think the entire musical instruments where there. I also found great quality brand of piano but then, when I look at its price… I just back off my feet because it is definitely expensive.

I think the
Musician's Friend Coupons can really do the justice. It’s great to have pricing survey before you purchase something. That’s why, I prefer to buy online. You are assuring of the quality market place where you purchase the product. It’s also interesting because I found some Musicians Friend coupon codes that will surely help you save bucks. This holiday season, checkout there different available promotional deals offered in the site. For me, I don’t think online purchasing is really expensive. I tried to compare the prices (using promo codes) and in fact it is more advantage to purchase online- assuring great quality and appropriate pricing.

photo credits to:

To all music lovers out there, I hope you find my post helpful and interesting. Its a music Friday here. Keep going.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Learning to Play the Keyboard

The reason why I continually pursue my talent it’s because of “self expression”. I find myself interested in arts and painting. Since then, I isolated myself and made my own world where all my drawings are my creatures and I am there master. My talents are molded just to satisfy and glorify myself... That is me a decade years ago.

Now that I’m fully grown Christian- guided by the Holy Spirit- I find myself more interested in doing things that will Glorify God. By God’s grace, He changes my heart – a heart for arts and a heart to inspire and glorify God. I want to explore more worlds like drama and musical play. Before, I used to work backstage during my high school years- directing a drama or musical plays. But now I find myself in front of the stage “going beyond my limits” (Ephesians 3:21) My heart is longing for something where in I can glorify God in different worlds.

Now, I find myself interested in learning to play the keyboard. My sister and I eagerly want to play it. In our church, it is a part of worship. The worship team plays musical instruments like keyboards, drums, guitars, tambourines and etc. Good thing is, after my graduation, I'm not just staying in the house all day doing nothing but I'm doing something more fruitful. That’s why I’m hitting keys and always trying to practice and memorize all the piano chords. Though it is tiring and annoying sometimes (every time I failed to hit the key) but it is really satisfying knowing that you want to improve yourself and Glorify God above everything you do. It is my hearts desire to learn and play the instruments for my first love—God.

At this moment, I’m just so glad to blog my piano lessons and I perfectly played “The Silent Night” song (It really fits for Christmas season). I love it. Keep going everyone and God bless.


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