Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Valuing Our Greatest Gift: Our Mom

What’s the best gift that you can give for your mom and dad? My mom’s birthday is coming. Yeah, it’s pretty cool but I really got problems in what gift to give (*sigh).

This coming November 25, its mom’s birthday, I just can’t help but ask what should I do to make mom happy? Well, then I’ll fix everything that I’ve done- you know behaving so mean. I just love on how mom really gives patience every time we (with my siblings) messed up with her. We always mess our house and don’t even do a household chores. Mom always washed our clothes every weekend and always fixes my wrist watch when it needs to replace the battery.

On her birthday, mom should be the queen. I’ll clean and do the chores at home and hope to wash all the clothes. It would be best to give mom a special treat- a great Rolex watch would be. I just read from the site that
sell used Rolex that this watch never deteriorates its value. If you take good care of it, it will last forever. That’s why there is secondary market for Rolex watch- which you can sale your used watch. As mom always fixes my watch, I would really love to give her a great Rolex watch.

We value our parents very much they are like gold, gems, wine. They even grow more precious as the days and years and decades pass by. They are worthy of our “million thanks”. We owe them our life. Life is short. As long as we can still show our love and care for our parents, let’s show them and treat them the way it should be. Our loving parents deserve a great love from us.

Show them your love and let them know how much you care for them. Just like the gems, wines and Rolex… moms never deteriorate its value.

Keep going.

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