Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spice-up Your Day Mom

Good morning everyone. It’s a bright and good sunny day. Today is mom’s birthday and I have to wakeup early and greet her a “happy birthday”. When I woke up, mom is already awake and the food is now ready. Being a good girl, I clean the house today and do the other chores. Well I hope I made her happy in my simple way. What really makes mom happy? I think if her cute little princess (her daughter) will cook for her in her birthday. It’s a great idea to cook for her- maybe pasta or something.

Our moms are the usual cook-a good chef- at home so they are meticulous in terms of the taste. So, I have to do my best to impress mom. Well, if you want to add up a surprise and impress your mom in her birthday, checkout this spice racks I’ve found in the net. They will always love the kitchen to be moderately innovated and added up some accessories like kitchen spice racks. For me, I always appreciate mom for cooking and serving us great food everyday that’s why I feel like paying attention on buying things she needed in the kitchen. If you wan to surprise your mom too, checkout some variety of designs for spices like wall spice rack and etc.

I want to say "happy birthday mom". I love you and I wish you all the best- specially in the kitchen (LOL). Thank you for adding up a new spice in our life everyday. I love mom and I love her cuisine.

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