Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royalty Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement

Someday… my prince will come.

We always say that line every time we read and watch a fairy tale movies (especially Disney movies). We always think that a prince is a handsome man, a brave man and caring. For me, I always consider princes as a fantasy- they only exist in fairy tales (like Cinderella have Prince Charming, as well as Snow White).

Today, I just learned that prince and princesses are real. United Kingdom has kings, queen, princes. They also fell in love, engaged and live happily ever after. I don’t know what the “real life” of a princess and prince have but based in the fairy tale it is awesome- I think everybody wants to be in there shoes.

Prince William the Prince of Wales and girlfriend Kate Middleton

The biggest buzz of today’s news is the upcoming royalty wedding of Prince William- the son of Princes Diana and Prince Charles- and girlfriend Kate Middleton. November 16, 2010 is the news breakout of there engagement and the much awaited wedding this summer 2011. Their life seems to be the public figure. I don’t know whether they are truly happy with there lives but I’m wishing for the best in both of them.

Princes and Princess (London)

Everybody wishes to be in the royal family but only few were chosen. I’m an ordinary person and I don’t know what the life of a royalty has, but I’m completely happy with my life. Someday… my prince will come (someone that oriented by God). I’m proud to belong in the “royal” family of God.
Keep going and god bless.

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