Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do You Know About SPOT ?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

This post doesn’t talk about our dalmatian dog named spot but, rather, it introduces to you a latest gadget. Have you heard about it? If not, well then, you have to continue reading this or else you will miss the benefits of having this in your traveler’s pack-bag or in your pocket. 

Prepare yourself to the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. I was impressed on how it works and helps in our daily adventures. Sometimes we were really disappointed with our mobile phones, especially in emergency, because most of the time it failed in transmitting communications. Every time you need assistance, emergency help and communication, SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is always reliable. It sends messages via satellite. So expect that there are no signal interruptions- unlike mobile phones.

So every time you go out for an adventure (hiking, boating, mountain climbing and etc.), it is not enough to be accompanied by your friends but include SPOT messenger as your buddy. By just putting it in your pocket, you can have satellite safety in your pocket. You can ask for help to your family, friends and colleagues in times of emergency or trouble.

This gadget is not limited for adventurers, marines, pilots, boaters, and goers but also for ordinary people like students, parents, colleagues and etc. who wants to have perfect and good communications to their loved ones... because everyone lives in a life full of adventure. 

If you are interested in it (the same as I am), check it out and enjoy a bonus adventure kit worth 50$ this holiday season. The kit includes a coupon for 15% off Basic Service, flotation case for SPOT, micro LED flashlight, safety tips bandana, lanyard, safety whistle and a carabineer keychain.

Keep going everyone and enjoy the adventure. God bless.

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