Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Complete Home Transformation

Hi there! How’s your day? Well, it is a great experience for me to go and shop with my mom. We went to the mall and bought a new dress for my graduation day. Mom and dad are really excited in my graduations day- I know every parents do. Mom took care for my graduation outfit and food menu while dad will do the makeover of our house. Dad just finished re-painting our home and kitchen furniture. I tell you our home is not that comfy as I want to be. There are ragged and unsmooth furniture. The only furniture at home where I can feel comfortable is my bed.LOL. There are no good wall finishing touches.

To achieve a comfy home, without spending too much money for investment, well checkout furniture rental today and experience a comfortable living. Of course, we are expecting many visitors in our home for my graduation so it is really cool to have complete makeover for our home. Though it is costly to renovate our home and change some “old furniture” but furniture rentals can help.

Do you know how it works? You just simply rent your favorite furniture in just a period of 12-24 months and (ollah!) it will be yours. Enjoy your great furniture change at the lowest monthly payment. I would like to share this info to mom and dad.
Checkout there available furnished and great quality furniture to be rent:
(from rugs up to bedroom, dining room, living room and etc,)

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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