Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are You the Next Top Model?

After my graduation party, my cousin and I had a little bit photo shoot (wearing all the gifts I receive from my graduation). For me, I don’t have a long skinny legs but my skin tone is okay. I know I don’t have an expressive eyes and a charming smile (my face is not expressive at all).

Some of us are aspiring models but few have the guts and looks. We tend to be so attracted and want to be one of those we’ve seen on TV and magazines. We all love to pose on cam wearing different outfits, clothing, gadgets and accessories. Maybe some of you here don’t have the guts to model themselves and pose. Some of you don’t know that you have already the looks to model fabulous clothes and shoes. Maybe it is your time to be on the catwalks. Checkout this model agency- this might be your big break. If you feel like you fit to be one of those female models and be on the catwalks, fashion shows and any fashion events, don’t miss this opportunity and click the link to stardom.

For male out there… if you feel like learning how to pose on photo shoot well, you might be one of the male models of the famous clothing company. For top company and producers, if you’re looking for models who will model your products or clothing, well let the model agency help you and for it.

But what it takes to be a model? Pretty faces, good looks is great but what’s more important is how you model yourself, accompanied with values and morals, to other people that you could bring joy and inspire others.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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