Monday, November 29, 2010

An Amazing Hair Makeover this Holiday Season

Happy holidays!

I am really excited for the upcoming Christmas vacation and holidays. Well my families are planning to have great city holiday trip. The schedules were all set for a family reunion and airplane flight for vacation trip and tour in the malls and adventure parks.

In preparation for these events I’m trying to save bucks, as much as I can, for my pocket money. I have to arrange all my schedules and appointments and lastly a beauty makeover...

Well, I need to bring along with me a flat iron to make your hair manageable. I used to straighten my hair every 5 months. Some of the grown-hairs are really annoying. I don’t want to ruin my vacation and camera pose just because of my black and unmanageable “curly” hair. My hair needs chi hair straightener to make sure it has good floss. Wow my cousin at that time is planning to buy and bring along with his best camera so I have to look really good in his camera lens.LOL. Checkout some hair dryer too, girls we really need it. Don’t just go out with a wet shaggy hair.

I’m looking forward for these special events. This holiday make yourself standout and look so beautiful in Christmas parties and holiday vacation and trips. Keep going everyone and enjoy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everyday is a "Thanks Giving Day"

Thank God tomorrow is Sunday!
Hello everyone. I forgot to blog about thanks giving day. Well than, I think no need to blog about it because everyday is a “thanks giving day”. There are different days in November where people usually celebrate the “thanks giving day”. Usually there are different traditions and customs where they kill turkeys and prepare different recipes of turkey dish. We tend to forget that every morning of our life is a gift that God gave to us. Everyday is a “thanks giving day”. We should thank God for everything for His goodness and grace in our life. Through bad times and good times, we awe to thank God.

There is one thing that I should celebrate and thankful everyday- it is the LOVE of God that He gave to me everyday. Can’t you feel it? Well, it’s time for you to end up your “old-school” tradition of “thanks giving day” and let the love of God flows in you as you acknowledge Him and thank Him everyday.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Thank you for spending some time reading my blog posts.

Wrap up Christmas Gift Ideals: Replica Watch

What time is it? Time runs so fast. It feels like yesterday we welcome the month of November and celebrate the Halloween but now we’ll kissing goodbye to November and welcome the blissful December. It rains so hard and the wind is so cold. I can’t imagine, wow, my favorite month is coming.

Now, I have to start saving money for Christmas and start searching for my gift checklist. It’s enjoyable to wrap Christmas gifts for your loved ones but yet the hardest thing to do. We would really love to make this gift so precious without spending so many bucks. So I suggest, if you want to surprise your mom or dad with affordable watches, checkout this
replica watch online. You don’t have to spend too much money as an investment for your gifts. You can have replica rolex with elegance in most affordable price. Here are some of my favorite design of hublot replica and rolex.
Rolex Antimagnetic Datograph Replica Watch

Hublot Big Bang Chronograph Replica Watch

I eagerly want to give mom and dad a watch. Mom is not used to have no watch in her wrist. She feels awkward and unease every time she forgot to wear her watch. But mom’s watch is not that good in quality so she always go to watch repair shop to fix it up.

Wow, I really love to choose one of these watches and wrap it up for mom and dad as my Christmas gift surprise. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Now Showing: Megamind

I was in the cinema yesterday and was fascinated to watch the romantic and comedy film. It's really enjoyable to watch its movie premier. I enjoyed watching it with my cousins. It’s really a hilarious movie.

While I was in the line to buy tickets, in the other line of the ticket booth is the movie entitled “Megamind” which is also showing in that day. I was curious about the movie so I searched it in the net when I arrived home. Checkout what I’ve got- a total interesting movie poster.

I’m posting it here to receive different comments and feedbacks about the movie. So, can I hear some movie reaction and movie feedback from you? If it's great, maybe I'll include it in my movie checklist.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

It is God’s will to have you as my mom. Somehow, I wonder why mom is very strict? Then I think again… and thank God for giving to me my mom. Because of her tiger looks and strict mode, I couldn’t even play or touch the fire because I know she will be mad if I’m hurt.

If I could have the privilege and a one chance to choose a mom, than... I probably choose you to be my mom once again. I am not that expressive at all but let my silence speak it all. I couldn’t even explain or weigh how much I value u… let the sand in the desert and stars in the sky represent how much I love you my dear mom. Mama… you mean a lot to me.

God bless you in your Birthday. Happy birthday and wish you more of God’s blessings and good health.

I love you mom. You are the best mom in world.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spice-up Your Day Mom

Good morning everyone. It’s a bright and good sunny day. Today is mom’s birthday and I have to wakeup early and greet her a “happy birthday”. When I woke up, mom is already awake and the food is now ready. Being a good girl, I clean the house today and do the other chores. Well I hope I made her happy in my simple way. What really makes mom happy? I think if her cute little princess (her daughter) will cook for her in her birthday. It’s a great idea to cook for her- maybe pasta or something.

Our moms are the usual cook-a good chef- at home so they are meticulous in terms of the taste. So, I have to do my best to impress mom. Well, if you want to add up a surprise and impress your mom in her birthday, checkout this spice racks I’ve found in the net. They will always love the kitchen to be moderately innovated and added up some accessories like kitchen spice racks. For me, I always appreciate mom for cooking and serving us great food everyday that’s why I feel like paying attention on buying things she needed in the kitchen. If you wan to surprise your mom too, checkout some variety of designs for spices like wall spice rack and etc.

I want to say "happy birthday mom". I love you and I wish you all the best- specially in the kitchen (LOL). Thank you for adding up a new spice in our life everyday. I love mom and I love her cuisine.

My Graduation Day

Soli Deo Gloria—To God alone is the Glory… Last Monday, Nov. 22, 2010 was my graduation day. I can’t stop thanking God upon giving me everything. He gave me a life of abundance- abundance with love of family, friends, relatives and His faithfulness. God provided me financially for my graduation day. I had fun in celebrating my graduation day. I graduated with honors but I have to, first, face the fact that I’m now entering the world of responsibilities. Well, then I have to welcome myself- “Welcome to the World of Unemployment”. LOL. But I trusted God in everything.

For I believe that God promised me… “…all things work together for good to those who love God…” Romans 8:28

God bless everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are You the Next Top Model?

After my graduation party, my cousin and I had a little bit photo shoot (wearing all the gifts I receive from my graduation). For me, I don’t have a long skinny legs but my skin tone is okay. I know I don’t have an expressive eyes and a charming smile (my face is not expressive at all).

Some of us are aspiring models but few have the guts and looks. We tend to be so attracted and want to be one of those we’ve seen on TV and magazines. We all love to pose on cam wearing different outfits, clothing, gadgets and accessories. Maybe some of you here don’t have the guts to model themselves and pose. Some of you don’t know that you have already the looks to model fabulous clothes and shoes. Maybe it is your time to be on the catwalks. Checkout this model agency- this might be your big break. If you feel like you fit to be one of those female models and be on the catwalks, fashion shows and any fashion events, don’t miss this opportunity and click the link to stardom.

For male out there… if you feel like learning how to pose on photo shoot well, you might be one of the male models of the famous clothing company. For top company and producers, if you’re looking for models who will model your products or clothing, well let the model agency help you and for it.

But what it takes to be a model? Pretty faces, good looks is great but what’s more important is how you model yourself, accompanied with values and morals, to other people that you could bring joy and inspire others.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Valuing Our Greatest Gift: Our Mom

What’s the best gift that you can give for your mom and dad? My mom’s birthday is coming. Yeah, it’s pretty cool but I really got problems in what gift to give (*sigh).

This coming November 25, its mom’s birthday, I just can’t help but ask what should I do to make mom happy? Well, then I’ll fix everything that I’ve done- you know behaving so mean. I just love on how mom really gives patience every time we (with my siblings) messed up with her. We always mess our house and don’t even do a household chores. Mom always washed our clothes every weekend and always fixes my wrist watch when it needs to replace the battery.

On her birthday, mom should be the queen. I’ll clean and do the chores at home and hope to wash all the clothes. It would be best to give mom a special treat- a great Rolex watch would be. I just read from the site that
sell used Rolex that this watch never deteriorates its value. If you take good care of it, it will last forever. That’s why there is secondary market for Rolex watch- which you can sale your used watch. As mom always fixes my watch, I would really love to give her a great Rolex watch.

We value our parents very much they are like gold, gems, wine. They even grow more precious as the days and years and decades pass by. They are worthy of our “million thanks”. We owe them our life. Life is short. As long as we can still show our love and care for our parents, let’s show them and treat them the way it should be. Our loving parents deserve a great love from us.

Show them your love and let them know how much you care for them. Just like the gems, wines and Rolex… moms never deteriorate its value.

Keep going.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Congratulations Graduates

This post is for me. My graduation day will this coming Monday, November 22- so I'm quite busy the whole weekend. I just thank god for everything. I give back all the glory and honor to Him.

Soli Deo Gloria- to God alone be the Glory.

Have a blessed weekend to everyone. God bless.

Vaness Wu: As a Christian

The most attractive man, for me, is the man who fears the Lord. He is more admirable if he honor God above everything.

I’m a fan in the phenomenal hit drama series “Meteor Garden” since then I started liking the one of the F4 member Vanes Wu. Vaness Wu is indeed a great artist, performer and singer but my likeness started to drift away- due to my guidelines in liking a person.

I was able to understand that God is not a respecter of men (Rom. 2: 11). Its either you’re a celebrity or not, popular or just and ordinary person as long as you receive the grace of God and believe in Jesus Christ then you are saved- A born again Christian (2 Corinthians 5:17) which says Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Vaness Wu is a total different creation. He is a servant of God who is now sharing the love of God and the faith in Jesus Christ. He is now starts to evangelize, together with his pastor, Jeason Ma. Wow, I was totally blessed in his life. Truly God can make a big difference in you. When you start to turn your life to Jesus, you will be amazed at how He changes you- it is nothing you can do in your own.

Read more about Vaness Wu's turning point as he became a grown Christian.
Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let Helps You Save Money this Christmas

Hi friends. To my “blogosphere” friends and to my daily visitors, I’d love to share some “good vibes” post for you. Since Christmas season is approaching, I’d love to share some extra tips on how to purchase and buy an item online with a great “money savings”.

Find and share a coupon at and experience great shopping savings this Christmas. Redeem your coupons today at and enjoy shopping your favorite gift item today. It is the place where you can find different coupons and enjoy great discounts in purchasing some items online. Enjoy instant cash discount today. Share this to your friends too, share and help others to save too.

I hope some will feel pity on me and decide to redeem coupons and purchase a gift for me- maybe a Toshiba laptop is an awesome gift.LOL. (I’m wishing to have it personally). Well then, start preparing your coupons today and start purchasing some gift items for your loved ones.

I hope you will be a wise shopper now after reading this post. Here, checkout some of the price’s differences when you use online coupons:

Here is an example. The pricing of the TOSHIBA SATELLITE U500-00S LAPTOP

Original Price:$949.99
Regular Price: $699.96
Save of Original: $250.03

Keep going everyone. Enjoy the great savings tip. God bless.

Wrap a Musical Box for Your Christmas Gift

The evening is so cold. I love the coldness of the night it jus remind me that Christmas is coming and I’m so excited and I can’t wait for it. I can already feel the cold wind of the night and hear Christmas songs in the radio stations. Yes, I will welcome Christmas season with open arms.LOL. Definitely it is my favorite season.

I love to see, every night, a colorful Christmas lights and tall Christmas trees. I’m fascinated in hearing those young children sings Christmas carols outside our house. Everything about Christmas is so wonderful. When I was in grade school and high school, I always look forward for our Christmas parties and exchange gifts. I’d love to share some tips on what Christmas gift to give- try Musical Boxes for your Christmas gifts to wrap. This is a good suggestion. Even I love to unwrapped Christmas Musical box and draw a big smile in my face. I know we are no longer children to receive some cute “hello kitty music box” so I suggest to checkout some beautiful music boxes online. The design and quality is really perfect for your mom, for your sister, for grandma or even for your girlfriend. Its design gives a sentimental value and a luxurious look. See the different varieties of designs online and wrap it earlier for me.LOL.

Here are some of my favorite designs:

Sorento Romantic Design Music Boxes

Red Rose on a Black Lacquer music jewelry box

Burlwalnut Trunk Music Jewelry Box

Crucifix inlay Music Box

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get Rid of Sink that Stinks

Our house is messy. Mom is not at home so I have to clean up the house. My graduation day is coming so I have to start cleaning the house. There is one part of the house which I don’t really like to clean- it’s our kitchen sink. Usually our kitchen sink sinks because of unwashed plates and dirt in sink tiles.

If we could have a home renovation, I would love to replace our tile sinks to
undermount kitchen sinks. It’s easy to clean it and it is pleasing to the eyes. Checkout available undermount kitchen sink today and checkout their affordable prizes.

Royalty Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement

Someday… my prince will come.

We always say that line every time we read and watch a fairy tale movies (especially Disney movies). We always think that a prince is a handsome man, a brave man and caring. For me, I always consider princes as a fantasy- they only exist in fairy tales (like Cinderella have Prince Charming, as well as Snow White).

Today, I just learned that prince and princesses are real. United Kingdom has kings, queen, princes. They also fell in love, engaged and live happily ever after. I don’t know what the “real life” of a princess and prince have but based in the fairy tale it is awesome- I think everybody wants to be in there shoes.

Prince William the Prince of Wales and girlfriend Kate Middleton

The biggest buzz of today’s news is the upcoming royalty wedding of Prince William- the son of Princes Diana and Prince Charles- and girlfriend Kate Middleton. November 16, 2010 is the news breakout of there engagement and the much awaited wedding this summer 2011. Their life seems to be the public figure. I don’t know whether they are truly happy with there lives but I’m wishing for the best in both of them.

Princes and Princess (London)

Everybody wishes to be in the royal family but only few were chosen. I’m an ordinary person and I don’t know what the life of a royalty has, but I’m completely happy with my life. Someday… my prince will come (someone that oriented by God). I’m proud to belong in the “royal” family of God.
Keep going and god bless.

Reminiscing Toy Story 3 on DVDs

Hello friends, how’s your day? Mine is a little bit boring. Well, I spent the whole day at home doing nothing. I wish to watch a great movie with my big sister today but unfortunately she can’t hang out with me because of her upcoming final exams.

Watching movies together with your loved ones are relaxing and fun to do. I and my big sister had a great sister-bonding when we watched Toy Story 3. Toy story 3 is one of the unforgettable animated movies that I want to treasure and watch it over and over again (prepare for your hanky because really cry throughout the touching scenes). I’d love to have my personalized copy of Walt Disney’s Toy Story 3 and have my own DVD copy at home. I really love to share this wonderful story to my loved ones and to my younger cousins and niece. If you have the same interest like me, well checkout
Tesco Entertainment today and purchase your favorite movies in DVDs.

I was really touched with the story. I don’t have the chance to watch the series “Toy Story 1 & 2” but I still get the message of the story. Join Andy, Woody, Buzz Light Year and all of the “Toy Story Gang” as they learn and discover about friendship, life priorities, camaraderie, loyalty (to a friend or someone you love) and forgiveness. These moral values are “packaged” in the movie. So Toy Story 3 is worth sharing for. How about you, do you have a favorite movie that you were touched and you want to watch it over and over again? I would love to hear from you. And if you want to have a lifetime copy of your favorite movie, well Tesco Entertainment can help you avail DVDs in the lowest price.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do You Know About SPOT ?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

This post doesn’t talk about our dalmatian dog named spot but, rather, it introduces to you a latest gadget. Have you heard about it? If not, well then, you have to continue reading this or else you will miss the benefits of having this in your traveler’s pack-bag or in your pocket. 

Prepare yourself to the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. I was impressed on how it works and helps in our daily adventures. Sometimes we were really disappointed with our mobile phones, especially in emergency, because most of the time it failed in transmitting communications. Every time you need assistance, emergency help and communication, SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is always reliable. It sends messages via satellite. So expect that there are no signal interruptions- unlike mobile phones.

So every time you go out for an adventure (hiking, boating, mountain climbing and etc.), it is not enough to be accompanied by your friends but include SPOT messenger as your buddy. By just putting it in your pocket, you can have satellite safety in your pocket. You can ask for help to your family, friends and colleagues in times of emergency or trouble.

This gadget is not limited for adventurers, marines, pilots, boaters, and goers but also for ordinary people like students, parents, colleagues and etc. who wants to have perfect and good communications to their loved ones... because everyone lives in a life full of adventure. 

If you are interested in it (the same as I am), check it out and enjoy a bonus adventure kit worth 50$ this holiday season. The kit includes a coupon for 15% off Basic Service, flotation case for SPOT, micro LED flashlight, safety tips bandana, lanyard, safety whistle and a carabineer keychain.

Keep going everyone and enjoy the adventure. God bless.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Christmas Carol

I was watching movies at home. It's Christmas season so I was looking for the movie "Christmas Carol"- since it fits for the season. I just watched the trailer in YouTube and I think it's pretty cool to watch this this holiday.

The Disney "Christmas Carol" is an adaptation Charles Dickens book of the same title. I read that book before so I cannot remember the story anymore so I have to watch it in movie. I was also a little bit afraid to read the book before.LOL. as a young child we always look for pictures and not the text.

If you have soft copies and DVDs can I barrow it?LOL. Just kidding, I will find ways to watch it anyway. Enjoy!

Keep going everyone. Enjoy the movie.

A Complete Home Transformation

Hi there! How’s your day? Well, it is a great experience for me to go and shop with my mom. We went to the mall and bought a new dress for my graduation day. Mom and dad are really excited in my graduations day- I know every parents do. Mom took care for my graduation outfit and food menu while dad will do the makeover of our house. Dad just finished re-painting our home and kitchen furniture. I tell you our home is not that comfy as I want to be. There are ragged and unsmooth furniture. The only furniture at home where I can feel comfortable is my bed.LOL. There are no good wall finishing touches.

To achieve a comfy home, without spending too much money for investment, well checkout furniture rental today and experience a comfortable living. Of course, we are expecting many visitors in our home for my graduation so it is really cool to have complete makeover for our home. Though it is costly to renovate our home and change some “old furniture” but furniture rentals can help.

Do you know how it works? You just simply rent your favorite furniture in just a period of 12-24 months and (ollah!) it will be yours. Enjoy your great furniture change at the lowest monthly payment. I would like to share this info to mom and dad.
Checkout there available furnished and great quality furniture to be rent:
(from rugs up to bedroom, dining room, living room and etc,)

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Draw Me, Pablo Santiago

I just joined a contest and I think it looks pretty fun. So, if you want to join this contest and win sketch drawing of your portrait photo, then click my picture and checkout the blog contest.

Keep going and enjoy! God bless.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pacquiao Wins Over Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Truly, I love to watch boxing. When I had the opportunity to watch in the “pay-per-view” fight between Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito, I really grab it.
Last November 13, 2010 was the most-awaited match. The Filipinos pride, Manny Pacquiao, wins over the “giant” Antonio Margarito of Mexico. Pacquiao proved again that he is the “Pound-for-Pound” number one (#1) boxer in this generation. Through unanimous decision, Pacquiao won the WBC Super Welterweight World Title as his 8th world title.

the so-called "facing the giant" - Pacquiao (left); Margarito (right)

I love the match and I truly enjoyed the show. I was thrilled and felt excitement in their fight. Enjoy boxing!

Keep going everyone.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Watch Your Favorite Sports in Cheap Cable TV Deals

Hello friends, happy Sunday. It’s a great weekend seeing that almost everybody enjoyed watching the boxing fight between “Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito”. Well, definitely boxing is my favorite sports (to watch of course). I really love their fight specially the “not so tall” Manny Pacquiao wins over “gigantic” Margarito.

I and dad is a boxing fanatic. Usually women love feminine sports like volleyball but I prefer to watch boxing. Watching your favorite sports is an opprtuniy for families to bond. So it’d great to a Cable TV Deals to start up your cable TV home viewing. It is also an opportunity for you to watch and explore the world of sports, entertainment, fashion and etc.

If you’ve missed the boxing match, then I suggest you watch it at the internet.LOL. (this suggestion is for the boxing-sports addict). Prefer to have High Speed Internet Internet at home if you want to have a great show. We all know that having a low internet connection is one of the main problems of the internet users today. Better checkout Internet Service Providers today and experience great internet connection deals that you can afford with high speed internet that will match your internet requirements. I love to blog this cable TV service bundles (cable TV and internet) to you because I know it really helps us for our home entertainment. Today, it’s now easy to checkout some available promotions in your local area. You can search using your area code or search by state.

upgrade your home entertainment gadgets today

Keep going everyone. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Google Logo: Robert Louis Stevenson's 160th Birthday

Today's Google logo is about Robert Louis Stevenson's 160th Birthday. I don't know who sir Robert is... I feel tired searching it in Google, so if you have time please comment me.LOL.

I just want to greet you a good day to everyone. God bless.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today’s Cake: Gucci Bag

I was browsing some awesome cake in the net. My graduation day is coming so I have to search or cake design that suits my personality but I can’t find it. I was amazed on the cake deign posted in Facebook. So I added it and “like” there fan page in FB so I can checkout more of there cake designs.

For those who are stylish gals, checkout this Gucci Bag cake and enjoy this lovely designs that will match your personality. Surely, you will hesitate to take a slice in this lovely bag cake.

Find them in Facebook: Faj House of Cakes

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Celebrity Galore: Race and Nationality Background

Celebrity galore! Check this out. I had a hard time compiling all the selected celebrities (around the world) from different races and nationality. They say there are different variations of races (in terms of colors):
- yellow for Asians who have “yellowish white” skin like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans;
- brown for brown skin races like Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians;
- white for Americans and Europeans;
- black for black skin races like “Black Americans” and Africans;
- blue for bluish skin tone races like Indians, Turkeys, Egyptians and etc.
- and lastly red for combination of white, black and brown the Latins.

Yellow- Jun Ji-hyun (Korean); Jerry Yan (Taiwanese)

Brown- Carmen Soo (Malaysian); Piolo Pascual (Filipino)

White- Hillary Duff (American); Leonardo DiCaprio (American)

Black- Beyonce Knowles (Black American); Marlon Wayans (Black American)
Blue- Kajol (Indian); Hrithik Roshan (Indian)
Red- Barbara Mori (Latin Mexican); Fernando Carillo (Venezuelan)

So which race are you from?
Shout out now and be proud.
Enjoy and keep going.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Awesome Bathroom Double Vanities

Good morning everyone. How’s your morning? Well it’s really great to wake up in the morning with the fine and bright sunny day.

To freshen up my day, I would love to enjoy bathing. I think it’s really enjoyable and relaxing to bath in a bathroom with Bath Kitchen and
double vanities in our bathroom- it's awesome to add it during our home renovation. You feel like you’re in a five-star hotel because of its elegance and style. Wow, I love to have that at home.

Enjoy your morning and keep going. God bless.

Are You the Perfect Match?

Each one of us is looking for love. We see things so colorful because of love. We laugh and feel glad because of love. We wake up every morning thanking God for giving us the feeling to love. There many kinds of love, there are love for the family, for friends and love for the people around us. And the most known love is the love for someone who will be your lifetime partner. For those who are singles, they look forward to meet the “perfect match” for them- their “God oriented man”. If you have found that someone, you will definitely won’t let go of him or her.

Every human, especially woman, wishes to be treated just like diamonds. The diamonds give brilliance and beauty. They want to be especially especially on their wedding day. Checkout some
Diamond Jewelry online and find the perfect match of jewelry for you wedding day- make it perfect and prestigious.

For those who are happily married and found there perfect life partner or there “perfect match” the
Diamond Watches is perfect gift for your husband or wife as your “couple watch”- checkout for more accessories and designs online. This would be a perfect gift for your love ones this Christmas season. Get ready for your online shop now and surprise your “honey” in your gift present.

Wow, I’m very touch if you find that someone who will consider and treat you just like a diamond. Well, I’m considering God’s perfect time and circumstances to meet him. When that time comes, surely I can say that I have already fulfilled and satisfied in my single life. But for now, I would love to enjoy for my so-called “teen age” feeling and shop for and interesting accessories.

Everyday is a love season. If you are still single, happy searching for your perfect match. Keep going everyone and God bless.


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