Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Business Letters: Things to Consider

Have your experienced receiving a love letter from the person you really love? Do often write letters to your friend? Well if you have experienced all this things probably you an expert in writing a “free letter”. I call it “free letter” because there are no rules in writing. You write whatever you want (its either you will put a smiley on it). There are no rules on what paper to use- maybe it’s stationary, scented paper or recycle paper. Writing a friendly letter is about writing anything under the sun. In writing a “free letter”, we are an expert. What about those business letters?

Now, we trap in a situation where in you have to write a business letters? I’ll be graduating soon so required a knowledge about writing business letters for my job applications. But how will I start it? Well, definitely I’ll browse reliable site that offers good graphic design letterhead. It is the first thing to consider in writing business letters. Graphic designs are the first one to be seen before its body or content. So we have to see to it that we have the perfect and appropriate graphic design letterhead and paper templates that suite to the company that we are applying. Then everything follows like the body of the letter and proper words and content. Consider good words (respectable words) and right manners while applying.

Here are the samples:

Remember, your letter head represents you (I just read this one in the best site net).

Enjoy the job, Keep going everyone. God bless.

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