Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show Love and Care to Your Loved Ones

What are you plans for the coming holiday? The 2nd of November, as we all know, is the All Souls Day. It is the time to reminisce and remember our loved ones who passed away. In our Christian faith, we don’t believe in the All Saints Day tradition where in all souls go back again on earth and dine with the family or with there loved ones. Still, I consider All Saints Day as day to reminisce and think of the people you loved dearly.

We feel sorrow and depress when we miss our loved ones and we wish to do something for them while they are still alive. Well, we can’t bring back the time but we can still do something today.
Appreciate what they do, give them a smile everyday, say I love always and thank them when they do something good to you. For your parents, you can also offer them
insurance leads- where they can feel that they’re life is treasured. Now a day, children really gave there parents pampered care through giving them health and insurance leads. This is one way to show that you really care for there safety and health. It is one way of letting them know how much cared for them- it is how you treasured there existence. It’s a good move to make them happy, show them your love while they are still alive. Life is short so the best that we to make them feel loved and worth it.

Enjoy the love and care of your loved ones. Have a great holiday. Keep going and God bless.

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