Friday, October 15, 2010

Reminiscing Math Problems and College Hardships

I just came home from school. I had a mock job interview lately and I receive good critics. It is my graduation requirement- to prepare us for future employment and job interviews.
Wow, I can’t believe it…I’ll be marching the aisle of our gymnasium and receive my diploma. My graduation day will be in November. I almost cry whenever I think I’ll be graduating. As I reminisce the past- of all the hardships and sacrifices- to walk in the aisle and receive my diploma is all worth it.

Being in college is really hard. You have to study hard to achieve your goals in life. One of the most common hardships of the college student is to pass the exam in Math subject. Definitely 90% of the students in our university seek
Math help as they struggled to solve Math problems and pass the exams. It’s definitely all problem solving. The subject calculus is really a terror subject for many. Definitely many are dependent on Calculus help and online tutoring. This is definitely one of the effective ways they could possibly have in order to pass.

In the guidance and counseling, the students find help for their assignments but it is not available always. Some rely on online tutoring and checkout some
Homework help to make it easier for them to ask help. Especially K-12 students find easier to find Algebra help online and online help in solving Fraction.

A life of a student is like roller coaster. It is exciting and enjoyable. We experience terrifying emotions but at the end- after the unforgettable ride- we can say and tell others that we had great ride.

Keep going and God bless.

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