Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On Your Wedding Day...

Love… it is the best thing that you could ever give to someone. It is priceless and genuine.

Everybody dreamed and wishes for a “happily ever after” ending. Every women wishes to walk in the aisle going to the altar where her “God’s appointed man” is waiting to exchange vows of love.
When ever I see couple’s wed, I always asked, will they live happily ever after? Well, we don’t know.

With there perfect wedding date with a great Wedding Favors and accomplished wedding plans, I always wish them a happy marriage life and perfect relationship as partner.

here are some unique styles of give-aways in your wedding day.

It seems that everyone loves a perfect wedding and great husband. When the time that you decided to get married, you better read back this post again and checkout some of the best
Wedding Favor online. I fell in love with their designs and unique Cheap Wedding Favors- surely this would be perfect for your elegant but not costly wedding.

Here is some of snapshots of my favorite Christian-couple in their wedding day. Check it out.

as they danced with love in there wedding...

as they shared there "first kiss"

the new... Mr&Ms. Carla-Joe Bonefacio
(the wedding of Carla "Rica" Peralejo and Joe Bonifacio)

There wedding is an inspiration to me. I really fell in love in these photos too-wishing that someday I’m going to meet my “God’s appointed man”

Enjoy and God bless.

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