Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Namsan Seoul Tower: The Locks of Love

I’m not a traveler or an explorer but one of my wishes and desires in life is to travel around the world. My first stop is in Asia. I love the culture and the Asian people. If ever that wish will be granted, I’d really love to go to the Namsan Seoul Tower or by many they call it The Locks of Love. What is it?

Same as me, maybe you were curious about it. When I first browsed this in the net, I was amazed on how Koreans intimately wants to keep a bond to someone they love, friends, and family (which they really want to keep in touch forever). It is crazy but somewhat cute. It is an interesting tradition by the Korean people - its started with some Korean youth- who bring there partner or loved ones to the tower where they put up and join up there lockets in an unbreakable bonds. These lockets were inscribed and written. Some putted there pictures and stickers- with their initials, love vows, promises and thoughts to there loved ones or friends.

I really find it romantic and magical. Two people or group of friends and families go up together in a tower and lock there love, friendship promises and vows in a locket- that no one can ever unlock.

It is deed magical- full of love, eternity and promises. In the right time and circumstances, I would love to go there with my “God-oriented man” and engrave our love and promises together in a locket- sounds crazy but truly romantic.

Keep going everyone. Always keep the love beating. God bless.
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piedev said...

Hey, nice post !
I was search it too in internet, It's very amazing tradition :D
I want go there too with my man too :D

Also read my post about locks love yea ^^


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