Thursday, October 21, 2010

Movie Watch: Letters to Juliet

What if you’ll found a letter written 50 years ago? It’s a letter that seeks answer to an unfinished love story. Will you step in and finish their love story?

Letters to Juliet is a full pack love story that really fits your taste.

Sophia is a New Yorker girl who seeks love and a great love story which she could write. She dreamed of becoming a good writer… will she be able to write her own loved story?
When Sophie went to Rome with her fiancée- who is opening an Italian restaurant- she finds the trip an uninteresting for her. Her boyfriend was busy working and finding the cuisine for his restaurant. Until Sophie met Juliet’s secretaries, the unfinished loved story started. These secretaries are the different ladies who have different backgrounds about love who has the job to answer letters written and posted by different ladies around the world to send and post letters to Juliet. As Sophie discovered a letter from Claire, 50 years ago, she had the chance to finish Claire’s love story with Lorenzo.

The quest is on to find Lorenzo. Together with Charlie- Claire’s grandson- they seek to find answers of Claire’s what ifs and if only… As Sophie and Charlie discovered feelings with each other they find it difficult for them to show there real feelings. Will they wait 50 years- just like Claire and Lorenzo- to start writing there own love story?

I really love the story. Enjoy and be ready to be in love.

Keep going and God bless.

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