Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Movie Watch: How to Train Your Dragon

I had a great time watching one of the best computer-animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”.
If you want to be touched by a heartwarming animated-film well this is going to be a great movie for you.

Meet Hiccup a boy who will teach us the meaning of loyalty, friendship and courage. This is a story of a friendship packed with excitement and courage of a young boy who stood up and care for a friend and fight its enemy- which is their tribe or his father. As he end-up his aspiration to follow his tribes tradition of becoming dragon slayer. After capturing his dragon he started to befriend and decided not to kill it.

This decision lead into something that changes the tribal’s tradition and started to accept the dragons as part of the tribe. Surely, you will fall in love and touched by this movie.

Here are some of my favorite snapshots of the scenes you shouldn't miss:

Two thumbs-up for this movie. Keep going and God bless.


Jennifer is Always Sick said...

We are looking forward to this one coming out very soon! We are very excited. We actually took our kids to see it in the theater twice - I NEVER do that! But they loved it so much.

Mommying On The Fly said...

We LOVED it too.. Took the gremlins to see it.. First feature length flick @ a movie.. and believe it or not, they made it till about 5 minutes till the end.. bwahahahaha Looking forward to getting the DVD so I can enjoy the ending.. (and Bawl.. cause I Bawl at EVERY movie.. lol)

msmoneybagz said...

I LOVED that movie! I bawled like a baby lol

I thought for the longest time his voice was done by Christian Slater, till finally I stopped the movie to look it up.

A definite must see for all ages :)


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