Sunday, October 17, 2010

It’s My Birthday

If you are going to ask me when my happiest birthday is, probably I’ll answer you… “Today is my happiest birthday”.
Yeah, in everything I give thanks to the Lord. He arranged and programmed this day to be my happiest birthday of life.

Lately we went to church with my sister and my young people church mate gave me a warm greetings. It’s so amazing because they really treated me so special today. We had great lunch together with the young people. I bought ice cream and we shared ice cream together.
In this day also was our presentation night. It is the talent’s night showcasing the young people’s talent in our church. I thank God for the guidance and courage that He has given us. My mom and dad also attended the program. The presentation ended successfully and I know that I have done my best for God.

After the talent’s night presentation our head pastor is inviting us to have a dinner together. So we had dinner and enjoyed the company with each other. Our pastor gave and pitch us candies and we have to catch it or else we’ll have no candies. Again, they sang me happy birthday again and gave me a small cup cake with one candle in its top. Though that was a simple effort but really appreciated it a lot. I wept- with tears of joy.

Really God had given me this wonderful gift in my birthday. Thank you Lord.
Happy Birthday and I wish for more birthdays to come.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


Silvergirl said...

happy birthday :) wish you luck

adealfay said...

Happy B'day... wish you all the best.. :)


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