Monday, October 11, 2010

Ask Me for Link Exchange

My Foliage Diary is open for any Link Exchange. Link exchange can surely help you build-up you’re Google PR and it brings your blog a high targeted visitors. It increases your site’s link popularity.

If you would like to exchange link, please send me a comment in any of my blog posts or this posts. Link my site first with its:
site URL: and Link Text: My Foliage Diary. Kindly send me instructions on what link URL and link text is appropriate for your blog.

A site with
PR 3 and above is only acceptable. I’ll update my link everyday. If I missed linking you, kindly ask me again. Thank you.

Here is my site Statistics:

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Lya said...

Hi, I already linked your blog to my blog. Please add mine: with the title, Dare Klaye. Thank you. :)

Marvin said...


I created a link on my site to yours following your instruction.

You can find the link on my homepage blogroll section and also on the blogroll page.

I'm currently on PR2, please create a link for my site also.

Name: Marvin's Place

Thanks and God bless.

LinGZ said...

@Lya. I you have PRO.. @ Marvin done linking you.

FreeMoneyMaker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Health Insight said...

Hi.. Ilike it!

Felix Albutra said...

Very great offer my friend. Anyway, I would like to share to you something very useful for you blogspot users.

Thank you and goodluck

To our success,

Shinade said...

Hi! You are linked in my "Am I Following You" section which updates with each new post.

Here is mine. The Painted Veil

Thanks bunches...I am a pr5!
Happy day!

Shinade said...

Hi there...just popping in to say that I added your link to my site and I don't see mine here.

I'll check back later...hope you add me!!

Sandro said...

thank you for leaving your message.
I have just linked you on my blogroll list.

Here's mine:
Italian Pop Music

Thanks again:)

ramaraobobby said...


I have already added a dofollow link to your blog @

My blog is PR3, so I encourage you to add a link back to my blog.

Link information is as follows:


Anchor Text: Wonderful Tech Stuff

Thanks for your time.
Love and Peace.

TOP SITE said...

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The Wandering Miss said...

Hi Lingz,
Is it okay to exchange links?
Mine is
Text: The Wandering Miss

Yours can be found at my blog's sidebar. Thank you.



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