Sunday, October 31, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Before the month of October ends, let me post this badge to pass it on…

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month… pass it on.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Expereince Best Hair Treatment by Kamisori

Have you experience a bad-hair-day? If you haven’t well probably in that state you just isolate yourself in your room. As we go outside our house our hair is exposed in the heat of the sun and pollution. That’s the reason why your hair experience hair damage.

Checkout kamisori hair products in the internet definitely this is the possible solution for your bad-hair-day. I have a long curly hair before but through the help of hair straighteners like the corioliss, it can be manageable and fight against hair breakout. Maintain your hair straight and shiny I prefer the best hair flat iron for your weekly you use to maintain your hair. My cousin used to iron her hair twice a week and I can see her hair straighter than her normal hair.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Google Logo: Halloween Specials

I was wondering and so excited on what Google logo looks like today. We all know that people are looking forward for the upcoming Halloween- to celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day. I was expecting that Google logo today would be terror and somewhat ghostly effect. But I just laugh when I saw their logo. It is Halloween but I laugh because it is cartoon effect and it features Scooby Doo- I bet really Google loves Scooby Doo.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, October 29, 2010

For Home Makeover and Design Resolutions

Yahoo, my graduation day is coming. I bet, my mom is more excited than me. I can see in her actions how excited she was. She started to renovate our house. She’s cleaning our kitchen. Plan to buy new dishes and kitchen utensils. She really wants to have a total makeover in our home.

I suggest she better use pantry shelves for our kitchen to resolve those messy utensils at home. I also love if she purchases kitchen storage- for our proper storage of our food.

So far, mom is really diligent to clean-up our mess. And one of her hardest job to do is to clean our room. I want to give mom best closet storage solutions.I love you mom.

Here are some suggested home makeover and design resolutions:

Keep going an God bless.

Make Moving Easier: Checkout Moving Supplies Online

This weekend, my mom is planning to apply new paint in our house. So we have to transfer all our appliances and furniture outside- you have to ask for help from our neighbor to transfer heavy equipments. It’s easier if we have complete equipment for moving like moving dollies. It is more convenient when we transport things using moving dollies because it has wheels and hard handle. Many also preferred transport chain are also helpful- especially when you transfer to long distance places. If you are planning to move today, checkout the US moving supplies online and there are variety of choices to choose from- like moving blankets, moving straps and moving pads.

Helpful moving...

Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Business Letters: Things to Consider

Have your experienced receiving a love letter from the person you really love? Do often write letters to your friend? Well if you have experienced all this things probably you an expert in writing a “free letter”. I call it “free letter” because there are no rules in writing. You write whatever you want (its either you will put a smiley on it). There are no rules on what paper to use- maybe it’s stationary, scented paper or recycle paper. Writing a friendly letter is about writing anything under the sun. In writing a “free letter”, we are an expert. What about those business letters?

Now, we trap in a situation where in you have to write a business letters? I’ll be graduating soon so required a knowledge about writing business letters for my job applications. But how will I start it? Well, definitely I’ll browse reliable site that offers good graphic design letterhead. It is the first thing to consider in writing business letters. Graphic designs are the first one to be seen before its body or content. So we have to see to it that we have the perfect and appropriate graphic design letterhead and paper templates that suite to the company that we are applying. Then everything follows like the body of the letter and proper words and content. Consider good words (respectable words) and right manners while applying.

Here are the samples:

Remember, your letter head represents you (I just read this one in the best site net).

Enjoy the job, Keep going everyone. God bless.

Add Glamour and Fashion in Clothing with Panama and Fedora Hats

How many hours you dressed up and look in front of the mirror? How many attempts in changing your outfits just to achieve fashionable looks?

Well, I just want to post some tips to redefine and add some glamour in fashion. To achieve alluring look, checkout some fashionable hats in the net today. Many women today considered fashionable hats as part of there fashion. Just checkout this Panama Hats online and choose from the variety of designs that will definitely fits your clothing and shoes. It is truly amazing on how this hats can adds the flavor in your everyday getup. Purchase and experience Fedora Hats today and choose some of your favorite designs. For me, I have already chosen some of my favorites.

I find this site so interesting. We all know that Christmas season is coming. We attend different parties and dress-up in our best-so I suggest you add fashionable hats in your clothing. I suggest you also add these accessories in your list of gifts to give to your girl friends, sisters as well as your mom.

Checkout this variety of fashionable hat designs and style:

Panama hats
Panama Hats

Fedora Hats

Fedora Hats

How about you, which of these hats fit your personality and outfit for the day?

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Namsan Seoul Tower: The Locks of Love

I’m not a traveler or an explorer but one of my wishes and desires in life is to travel around the world. My first stop is in Asia. I love the culture and the Asian people. If ever that wish will be granted, I’d really love to go to the Namsan Seoul Tower or by many they call it The Locks of Love. What is it?

Same as me, maybe you were curious about it. When I first browsed this in the net, I was amazed on how Koreans intimately wants to keep a bond to someone they love, friends, and family (which they really want to keep in touch forever). It is crazy but somewhat cute. It is an interesting tradition by the Korean people - its started with some Korean youth- who bring there partner or loved ones to the tower where they put up and join up there lockets in an unbreakable bonds. These lockets were inscribed and written. Some putted there pictures and stickers- with their initials, love vows, promises and thoughts to there loved ones or friends.

I really find it romantic and magical. Two people or group of friends and families go up together in a tower and lock there love, friendship promises and vows in a locket- that no one can ever unlock.

It is deed magical- full of love, eternity and promises. In the right time and circumstances, I would love to go there with my “God-oriented man” and engrave our love and promises together in a locket- sounds crazy but truly romantic.

Keep going everyone. Always keep the love beating. God bless.
Here more from me @: lingzspot.blogspot

Show Love and Care to Your Loved Ones

What are you plans for the coming holiday? The 2nd of November, as we all know, is the All Souls Day. It is the time to reminisce and remember our loved ones who passed away. In our Christian faith, we don’t believe in the All Saints Day tradition where in all souls go back again on earth and dine with the family or with there loved ones. Still, I consider All Saints Day as day to reminisce and think of the people you loved dearly.

We feel sorrow and depress when we miss our loved ones and we wish to do something for them while they are still alive. Well, we can’t bring back the time but we can still do something today.
Appreciate what they do, give them a smile everyday, say I love always and thank them when they do something good to you. For your parents, you can also offer them
insurance leads- where they can feel that they’re life is treasured. Now a day, children really gave there parents pampered care through giving them health and insurance leads. This is one way to show that you really care for there safety and health. It is one way of letting them know how much cared for them- it is how you treasured there existence. It’s a good move to make them happy, show them your love while they are still alive. Life is short so the best that we to make them feel loved and worth it.

Enjoy the love and care of your loved ones. Have a great holiday. Keep going and God bless.

Holiday Vacation and Home Renovation

What are your plans this coming holiday? Where will you celebrate your Halloween parties? Definitely some of you were planning to have a great vacation trip in there relatives or grandmother’s house. Well, I wish you all enjoy your vacation trip.

I was busy browsing some different Halloween treats and activities. I come across in site that deals on the different furniture and I thought it is really worth posting for. Checkout the new rustic furniture that is available online. I decided to share it to you because it is good preparation for your Halloween treats and parties. It is timing for a home-renovation as preparation for the get together of the family- from out of town and cities. Renovate your homes with this new woody design furniture like bedrooms, cabinets. Well it is also perfect to redefine your porch- which is really perfect to relax and in reminiscing your loved ones who passed away.

My favorite- Porch Swing

redefine your villa beds with rustic bedrooms sets

You can start up the month in a vacation trip to villa or renovating your villa. Well, usually families do visit the family’s province and town house every first week of November –All Souls Day. I also wish to spend time with my family and loved ones too. I also wish to have trip in vacation house with Rustic furniture that suite my taste.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What’s on your mind? Facebook Shoutout 10.26.10

My Facebook shoutout of the day.
How about you? What is on your mind? Shout it now at your shoutout box in Facebook and make it as your Newsfeed. Make sense on your shout, because you don't know... you will be the great change of someone's life.

Have a happy day to everyone. Enjoy our day.
Keep going.God bless.

The Latest Play Station Move

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

My friends in Facebook are tagging me with different fashion trend, techno and gadgets. Some of the tagged photos are those who are really fantastic and awesome to have. They tagged me with latest model of PSP and Xbox play station. Really great for entertainment but if I have a magic lamp and a genie appears in front of me, I eagerly wish for the new PlayStation Move.

A PlayStation
Move redefines gaming. It is a real motion gaming and you can totally experience realistic gaming. By simply using the motion controller and the PlayStation 3 USB camera, you can play and control the complete motion in the different angle- even the changes and different movements of your wrist. It gives you ultimate control on how you really play the game. By this, as if you are really the one playing and feel if you were inside the game. You can 100% enjoy the intuitive gaming experience.

Granting my “eager wish” could definitely change our recreational habits and family bonding. All of my siblings would probably stay at home all day rather than hanging out and go out somewhere. We would probably a great rivals in the games- but that would be a friendly game. This would be an opportunity for my whole family to enjoy together and have fun- after all those stressful and busy days. It’s a good sort of exercise because your body is moving and in motion while playing.

I’m really excited to play with the different varieties of games. Well, I really look forward to play the “Sports Champions”. This game will let you and your friends physically engage in an array of competitive sporting activities. Sounds exciting right? So check it out. You can bring motion gaming exclusively to your existing PlayStation 3 for only $99 with the MOVE bundle package!

Keep going everyone and enjoy the game.
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Disney Movie: Tangled (Rapunzel)

This November, I’m looking forward to watch this movie entitled Tangled by Walt Disney. This is the latest version of the classic story and movie Rapunzel- this time they made it with a twist. I’m so excited to watch in this movie. This is 3d animated film by Walt Disney.

Plus it stars the voice of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.
Checkout the movie’s trailer and snapshots.

I’m a super fan of Walt Disney movies and if you are then check this out:

Enjoy and have a great week ahead. God bless.

New EntreCard Contest

Do you know the simplest way to drive real traffic to your blog? Well then if you haven’t tried EntreCard dropping today check it now. I swear it really helps.

EntreCard is the simplest way of advertising. All you have to do is put a widget badge in your blog. Then start dropping cards in different sites. Wait other bloggers to drop in your cards. Everytime someone drops in your card and drop to other sites card you earn points. The points or credits you earn you will use to advertise to other blog. You can earn points and advertise. Every time you earn drops, you earn points or credits. Now the good thing is no penny needed-just hard work and patience to drop.

Checkout the latest
EntreCard contest and earn credits today and earn more credits to advertise.

Here is my real Alexa Traffic rank for the first month and my EntreCard drops chart that shows the number of cards that were dropped in my card everyday.

Here's an example of my EntreCard widget

My EntreCard drops (month)

My Alexa statistics for the month

See it really drives great traffic in my site.Keep going and God bless...

Decorate Your Home with Oriental Rugs

If you are planning to have a great vacation holiday this Christmas season, your home would be the perfect place for your family to bond together. Decorate your homes with great Christmas décor, indoor plants and Christmas trees. Consider carpets and cheap oriental rugs as home enhancer and good house decor. Putting carpets and inexpe
nsive oriental rugs can enhance the ambiance of your living rooms or recreational room. Families and friends usually hangout together, bond and watch movies at the living room.

checkout this great oriental rugs in the net

My mom messed up our house every time she uses filthy rugs and old clothes. So I’ll rather star our home renovation for Christmas. So, I’m hoping for an enjoyable Christmas holidays with cousins and relatives who will visit us this Christmas.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Oriental Rugs for Home Enhancement and Decoration

I really want to do some extra home renovation this month of November. Yeah, we have many celebrations and events to celebrate at home- so I’m expecting many visitors who will come in our house. This coming month celebrates Halloween party, my graduation day and mom’s birthday.

Though our house is not that fully furnished and it has no deluxe furniture and accessories, but I think it can be enhanced when it is clean and decorated with
oriental rugs. These oriental rugs are not expensive but it makes your home looks luxurious and presentable. Avoid using filthy rugs or old clothes-like my mom did- because it really cause you inconvenience when you already have visitors.

Keeping your home clean and well organized appliances are key to clean and comfortable home. Plus a presentable oriental rug is plus factor.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Passion to Play Percussion Instruments

I passionately wants to learn and to play different musical instruments like Percussion, guitars and etc. I was really bored here at home lately so I am looking for something that I can do in my leisure time.

In our church, there are a lot of musical instrument that you can play. There are guitars, percussions, cymbals and acoustic kits. That is why I really want to master in playing those instruments as part of my worship to God. I want to sing hymns and play instruments.
Learn to play...
Drum Kits

Latin Percussion

Conga Set

My sister and I want to learn any kinds of musical instrument so were looking for the best place to purchase these instruments. Great because I've found a site that offers high quality instruments in its appropriate price. Checkout this site and choose in the variety of best quality percussion instrument like drum kit, Conga set, Latin percussion.

Definitely if you have the passion to learn those instruments, you can perfectly play these instruments harmoniously. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Movie Watch: Letters to Juliet

What if you’ll found a letter written 50 years ago? It’s a letter that seeks answer to an unfinished love story. Will you step in and finish their love story?

Letters to Juliet is a full pack love story that really fits your taste.

Sophia is a New Yorker girl who seeks love and a great love story which she could write. She dreamed of becoming a good writer… will she be able to write her own loved story?
When Sophie went to Rome with her fiancée- who is opening an Italian restaurant- she finds the trip an uninteresting for her. Her boyfriend was busy working and finding the cuisine for his restaurant. Until Sophie met Juliet’s secretaries, the unfinished loved story started. These secretaries are the different ladies who have different backgrounds about love who has the job to answer letters written and posted by different ladies around the world to send and post letters to Juliet. As Sophie discovered a letter from Claire, 50 years ago, she had the chance to finish Claire’s love story with Lorenzo.

The quest is on to find Lorenzo. Together with Charlie- Claire’s grandson- they seek to find answers of Claire’s what ifs and if only… As Sophie and Charlie discovered feelings with each other they find it difficult for them to show there real feelings. Will they wait 50 years- just like Claire and Lorenzo- to start writing there own love story?

I really love the story. Enjoy and be ready to be in love.

Keep going and God bless.

Checkout some movies snapshots:

Unleash Stress and Experience Fun at Hilton Branson Hotel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Geile Leon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been in the situation where in you were bombarded with so much work and stressful house chores or school projects? If you have, then it is time to leave your stressful moments behind and experience vacation getaway.

If you really want to experience 100% relaxation, then it is perfect idea for you to experience all that Branson has to offer. Try to checkout Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and enjoy the deluxe experience getaway with your family or loved ones in the most convenient price. This wonderful hotel is full pack with fun and excitement as you explore the ambiance of hotel lobbies’, restaurants and good environment.

One that I really love about
Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is there hotel lobbies, King Bed Room with its well-furnished furniture and interior designs. With the exclusive fall in The City Package, starting at $309.50 per night, you can now experience the luxurious feeling and relaxation with you family. You can already enjoy deluxe accommodations, receive two tickets on the Showboat Branson Belle for dinner and the show, two adult tickets to Silver Dollar City, a 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar City Souvenir Book and a $25 hotel food and beverage credit! A two-night minimum stay is required for booking this package.

If ever I had the chance and the opportunity to tour and visit
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, I would really love to shop with its exciting Shopping Package. I would love to enjoy there breakfast buffet for two and a $25 gift card which can be used at any store in the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Wow… I think this will be a great experience… an experience that will surely forget the word “stress”.

Keep going everyone and god bless.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food Trip: Black Chicken

Have you ever tasted and eaten a “black chicken” soup? How about seeing a black chicken meat? Well probably this post will be so interesting for us.

This black chicken really caught up my attention. Many had called it clack chicken or black-boned chicken but mostly in Asia it is called Taihe chicken. This is a special kind of chicken is usually raised in Asia and it is something of a delicacy. Its meat is very dark in color, almost black.

It is best served as soup- a special Chinese delicacy. They say that the taste is very awesome but it really takes a while to get used to its color. Take note, many Asians believe the soup of this black chicken has medicinal properties that are helpful for women.

Keep going and enjoy this unique delicacy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Math Tutoring and Online Help

How to get "A+" grade in Math?

In college life, when we encounter hardships it requires 100% hard work to overcome it. We need to exert effort to achieve our goal- which is to graduate with high and satisfying grades. It has been my four and a half years in college and I’ll be graduating this November.

One of the difficulties of college students is to pass there
College algebra or math subject. I thank God because I passed that subject with higher grade. Some of my classmate had a hard time in passing it and most of them failed. I’m so thankful because I have my sister- which is a BS Mathematics student- which is more advantage to me because I can have tutorial with her everyday.

Though, some of you are not like who has an elder sister who can tutor on me everyday but you can always find much better way to understand college math or even in K-12 math subject. Now a day, there is much advance technology and an available tutors online- checkout some
Math problem solver online and experience quality learning and a real tutoring. Money is not an hindrance in learning, try to checkout some Free math help online today and solve math easily and correctly.
Truly hard work and perseverance can result to success so don’t just leave your math problems our there and wait for your teacher to give you a failing great- there is always positive ways (checkout online).

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Learn About Webhosting via Web Hosting Guide

It’s been four days since the time I haven’t updated my blog. Well as usual my blog traffic and statistics had lower down into its lowest visitors and traffic rates. Every blog or business web site needs maintenance and updates in order to be on the top of the World Wide Web and Google search.

So if you are planning to build up and establish new blog, it’s very important to understand and know about web hosting and consider a good web hosting company that will help your site be successful site in the future. Don’t forget to checkout some webhosting guide that will help you choose the best
webhosting guide company and give you some important webhosting guide. You can definitely read some helpful article about the different tips on how to boost your search engine traffic levels. You will also learn about the difference between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting, learn about the benefits of email hosting, shared hosting for multi blogging and etc.

In starting your own blog and business, it is s important to consider these things. It is so important to take note and understand web hosting. It is also possible to receive good traffics when you have chosen the best webhost to promote your site in the World Wide Web.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It’s My Birthday

If you are going to ask me when my happiest birthday is, probably I’ll answer you… “Today is my happiest birthday”.
Yeah, in everything I give thanks to the Lord. He arranged and programmed this day to be my happiest birthday of life.

Lately we went to church with my sister and my young people church mate gave me a warm greetings. It’s so amazing because they really treated me so special today. We had great lunch together with the young people. I bought ice cream and we shared ice cream together.
In this day also was our presentation night. It is the talent’s night showcasing the young people’s talent in our church. I thank God for the guidance and courage that He has given us. My mom and dad also attended the program. The presentation ended successfully and I know that I have done my best for God.

After the talent’s night presentation our head pastor is inviting us to have a dinner together. So we had dinner and enjoyed the company with each other. Our pastor gave and pitch us candies and we have to catch it or else we’ll have no candies. Again, they sang me happy birthday again and gave me a small cup cake with one candle in its top. Though that was a simple effort but really appreciated it a lot. I wept- with tears of joy.

Really God had given me this wonderful gift in my birthday. Thank you Lord.
Happy Birthday and I wish for more birthdays to come.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Experience Remote Software Today

By just looking at our TV remote control I was really amazed on how inventors and scientist com-up in this kind of technology. It is amazing knowing that by just a click of your hand you can easily control it. I was also amazed about Remote Software technology.

Now a day, there are many technological renovations and computer software that helps our work and businesses more accessible and accommodating.

Remote Access software is very useful now a day. It is purposely designed for a remote administration especially in businesses. This means that you will be able to control your computer from a remote location.
As long as both computers have internets, this can be remotely administered. This is helpful to access and administer your businesses in one location. (Checkout there 30-day trial today).

There are many features of the access software that is why businesses and other groups use this ethnology. Remote accesses are reliably used for:
-You can transfer files securely
-Traverse firewalls safely, seamlessly
-Change settings of the other computer without enabling RPC and sharing files
-Easily access to PCs especially in groups and role-based access control and security management purposes

This technology is the answer for business and administrations where in you are not capable in controlling or physically near a system in order to control it.

Keep going everyone and God bless.


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