Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trendy Handbags to Maintain Your Poise

How to maintain your poise?

It’s my last week in my practice teaching. Well probably being in a field where we were assigned made me stress always. Teaching is really one of the honorable professions but it really requires patience as well as self-esteem to survive in this profession.

Well, we all have the opportunity to become a teacher but only few choose to do so. You can see teachers handing handbags, file case with test papers, lesson plans inside it. Actually this how I picture out a teacher could be- it’s really stressful. Though you’ve been in a situation, which is prone to stress, don’t allow yourself to make you really dreadful.

Here are some of the tips that could be very helpful to us…

Wear clean and proper uniform or attire to maintain your poise. You can make use of some cheap designer handbags to make you fashionable- lately I put some scarf in my handbag to make it trendier. But of course you can always checkout some well-designed white Fendi spy bagMiu Miu replica bags to play with your different outfits or different styles of teacher’s uniforms. The site seems to be so interesting for me because of my busy schedule you can purchase trendy bags online and do online payment- that’s how easy it works.

You can find in their site these trendy bags:

(For me choosing the right stylish bags really matters).

And lastly, always wear make-up to freshen your face and perfume to enhance your refreshing smell.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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mida ma otsin, aitah


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