Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand Up to Cancer 2010

Have you ever stand up for someone or your stand up to something? For me I have already stand up for my faith.
If you haven’t, maybe it is time for you to stand up on something…

As I was browsing the net, while finding some interesting graphics and logo designs, I find this somewhat a design for a cause.

Stand up to cancer… it caught my attention. Stand up to cancer is a telethon- a fund raising program organized by one of the top television network in the US like NBC, abc and CBS- as it was supported by the different Hollywood stars.

Internet access is now in action to spread this telethon “Standup to Cancer” is for a cause. This is to help and provides funds for medical research about cancer and search a new medical research on treat cancer. There are different fund raising activities that are being done to help people. “Standup to Cancer” is one of those.
At this point, that disease like cancer is rampant. I was awakened by the truth that there are a lot of people in the world- children or adults- suffered and died because of cancer. Cancer is second to heart disease where millions of people in the world died.

one of the fund raising is selling bags, T-shirts with the T-shirt design of "Standup to Cancer".

This is where the end of cancer begins.

Somehow, this is the good news that many people are standing up to fight and end up cancer today.
Keep your faith. Keep going.

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