Sunday, September 19, 2010

Entrecard Problems

I just encountered some of the problems in my Entrecard.
Do you use Entrecards? If you do and you encountered the same problem, then please comment and share your ideas to help me work it out.
Thank you.

This is my Drop Entrecard problem. I hope you can help me.

Some of my blogs are missing and it has been replaced by other blogs.
This is the picture of my blog when I click switch to "Lingzspot".

While this is how it looks like in my entrecard when I click switch to "Life of a Lady Boy"--which is not my blog.


Melissa said...

You need to change the email address associated with your account and then change your password right away!

It is not Entrecard. It means that someone hacked your account. You need to check your email account for odd activity and change that password too.

Usually if someone has gotten one of your accounts it is because they have already gotten into your email account.

Once someone gets into your email account they can do password resets on all of your online accounts and blogs and take EVERYTHING.

I lost everything a few months ago and it took a month to get it all back.

Change all of your passwords FAST!

stevebethere from bethere2day said...

That is good advice, i hope you get it all sorted quickly

Good luck

FishHawk said...

Please pay close attention to what Melissa told you. Be assured that she is right.

burn said...

you might linked all the blogs in one account. I have encountered this, my sister in law linked her blogs so I can use her credits if I wanted too and vice versa. No matter change the password, as long a it is being linked the other person can still access your account.

Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.


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